My son and his family are looking at moving over to the area and he has asked me what type of business would be good to set up. I have thought long and hard about his question but have not had many great ideas apart from things like a bar, estate agents or rentals. Does anyone know of a good business that someone could start or even buy.

Any advise or ideas would be great THANKS

San Fulgencio

Honestly? Don't even think about it. Everyone is struggling and unless you have a pension and income from the UK it's very hard to live here. There is 23% unemployment in Spain and most people who can are going back. There are no benefits here, no safety net - and if he has a family it would be madness to come.

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A good Sports shop with UK prices and you will still be in profit.


Commented f.castaway in La Marina 2012-06-10 20:41:55 UTC