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So the long and short of it is, that the bars have been told what they needed to do so as not to have a problem and they decided NOT to do it, I am not surprised that the other bars that have paid out thousands are not happy with them and have then taken matters into their own hands.

I understand that it cost a lot of money to get all the documents needed but this should all have been thought about and planed. I for one will hate to see the bars close down as I love going out, but the law is there for a reason.

I am sure La Marina will survive its a great place to live and will still be there in 10 years with or without the bars.

La Marina

Agree 100%
Remember the post by Billy or whatever his name was.

noise again
well here i am at 4.19 a,m unable to sleep for all the shouting singing and swearing going on outside in the street.Same thing on Wednesday night when the police to their credit did turn out to see first hand what life is like here after midnight.It did stop the music and they did close the doors as per the law dictates but the they need to be more robust in moving revellers on after closing time as they do in Quesada at midnight.The Town Hall must have been deliberately antagonistic to grant 4.0 a.m closing licences to one of these bars bearing in mind the proximity to the existing houses.Do we have any bars in San Fulgencio with a licence this late.Of course not ,so all the revellers from off the Urb.come here to make problems for us.When the Consum area was first proposed only a few neighbours were canvassed to see if an objection would be raised which of course wasn,t.But later when the pilings were started for the second building a delegation went to the Town Hall to enquire what was going on and after messing us about for over an hour were told they didn,t know.These were the people who were running this Urb.and are now out of office but they have left us with a legacy they cannot be proud of since it was all done without any dialogue with the people who mattered.I have lived here for 23 years adhered to the rules and regulations of my adopted country for what amounts to 30% of my life so i,m not going away .Those of you who say that we could move are dreaming .The economy of this country will not pick up for 5 years by which time most of these bars will be gone .Noise pollution is recognised by the World Health Organisation as the biggest problem in modern living such that the EU has a special unit within the Court of Human Rights to deal with complaints.Recent cases in Spain alone has resulted in hefty fines and closures of offending premises as was seen in Elche recently.The problem is that serious that it is now a criminal offence to allow the noise by offending businesses to continue and the courts hold individual councillors responsible .I wonder whether businesses are issued with the regulations when applying for their aperturer.Clearly this situation cannot continue much longer before the matter is taken out of the local,s hands.There are more people resident here now and do not frequent the bars so the sooner the Town Hall stop thinking this is front line Benidorm the better.Oh,its 4.50 and the noise has stopped i guess i,ll go to bed now.Wonder if i,ll get any sleep to morrow night.

Commented reg.walker50 in La Marina 2012-11-05 17:01:22 UTC

Well I know of one bar who had karaoke last night and he was rammed to the brim. They kept the music AT A SENSIBLE noise and finished at a good time, and guess what there was no complaints as this bar is well away from the consum area.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-11-05 17:21:51 UTC

I am sure that a lot of the bars will just carry on and see how long they can get away with it for, what have they got to lose?

If they do not make any money then its going to be impossible for them to pay the bills in the winter when trade is dead, let alone the fees to get all the documents in place.

Only problem is they may be closed down for not doing as they have been told, and if its the other bars behind things then they are not going to get away with it for long before they get reported again.

Commented Michael & Dawn in La Marina 2012-11-05 17:29:16 UTC

My honest thought is that chief O'niels is one of the main instigators behind this with the complaint.
The joint has a huge association with the ex mayor plus they have lost alot of custom and probably are totally Pissed off that the new bars that have opened up next to them are doing good. Lets not get it messed up, the Hogs Head is probably the best bar on the Urb for entertainment and so on. So it wouldn't surprise me if this is all Chief O'niels doing.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-11-05 17:34:48 UTC

So Tina,Do you actually know who went to Valencia and reported all the non licensed bars,because you seem to infer it was the ones with licenses,if so according to information on this forum on saturday only three bars have music licences,so you are telling us that they made 50 complaints to Valencia,and as only two of the three named are around the consume area,they averaged about 25 complaints each.Or was you just guessing at who made all these complaints to Valencia.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-11-05 19:41:25 UTC

I have watched the comments over the last twelve months or so and Willyboy,s has stood out in my mind since then as a common sense statement which should have been heeded by those bar owners to whom it applied.Unfortunately the ones with any common sense who attempted to abide by the rules and advice put to them by the Town Hall now find themselves penalised by the selfishness of their fellow bar owners.Did those who ignored that advice really think that the residents ,some of whom have lived here for more than 20 years,would tolerate another 7 years of the Benidorm culture from people who were neither invited in to that area or had any dialogue regarding co existing in order to avoid this latest ban.It was inevitable.If a situation cannot be resolved on a local/domestic scale the only way forward is to escalate the matter to a higher authority in this case the Policia Autonomica activated through Valencia.Lets be fair,every man and his dog had heard the jungle drums mooting that this would happen ,but the bar owners, certainly in the Consum area chose to ignore it in the main.The problems don,t end with the noise solely.The Town Hall sanctioned a building in the wrong place,the wrong way around,too tall and with terraces overlooking private residences.Try getting permission for a window overlooking your neighbour and you,ll get a flat rejection.So given that the residents had denounced in the last 7 years various bars and the Police as well as the last lot of councillors has it really come as a surprise that they moved the game to a higher level?When marriages and health are the stakes at risk here don,t expect sympathy when you had 6 years to get your act together as a cohesive tenants association.The upshot of your inaction will be that you will governed from here on in by Valencia and the Town Hall breathed a sigh of relief having been relieved of a tiresome thorn in their side i bet.As for the argument that the Urb.will become a ghost town,may i remind you that the other commercial areas catered well enough before the Consumm area was built .As for thousands ? of residents having no where to drink thats just non sense.The bar owners seem to think that every night is a holiday /happy hour here.This Urb.has more residents than ever before and that number will grow because of the affordable prices of property to local young people and pensioners from abroad who don,t spend every night in a bar listening to crappy karaoke acts.The writing is on the wall don,t say you haven,t been warned.

Commented reg.walker50 in La Marina 2012-11-05 21:28:18 UTC

You just have to agree.

Its not all about bars and drinks, Spain has so much more.

Commented Charly in La Marina 2012-11-05 21:43:20 UTC

Jeff states in his latest blog:
"First let me say, that last week, the authorities in Valencia, contacted Carlos and informed him that some members of the Community had gone to them, with complaints about noise from bars"

I asked my friend who works as a funcionaria in the Town Hall in San Fulgencio what she knows about This. She told me that in fact it was Mayor Carlos Ramirez that called Valencia because HE is fed up of receiving complaints.

Commented Sandra in La Marina 2012-11-07 09:14:06 UTC