Hogs Head & The Geoge Mini Fiesta

Wow what a great night last night at the Hogs Head & George Mini Fiesta, so many thank you’s, firstly many thanks to our Mayor Carlos Ramirez Sansano who really came through for us despite the recent changes by Valencia regarding the application of mini fiesta’s, thank you to Jeff Wiszniewski & ‎Samantha Hull Gallon for their hard work & continued support, thank you to Jax Lawson & her relentless hard work & effort in campaigning for Keeping music live for us all, for also organising the superb band “The Stoned” & the amazing voice of a no doubt upcoming star singer Janelle , Thank you to DJ Jimmy Dean who stepped in at the last minute proving us with music in between the musicians, thank you to Ian Deverell who provided the stage lighting, thank you for everyone who donated a raffle prize to raise money for the cause, I believe Jax raised around €300, thank you to everyone who bought a raffle ticket & signed the petition & lastly thank you everyone who came last & gave their support, without your support it wouldn’t be possible to do these events, Fiestas are a strong part of Spannish heritidge & community spirit, they are part of the Spanish constitution & there popularity with the people at these events demonstrates that this is what the majority of people in La Marina want & we MUST fight to keep it live.

La Marina

Good comment, Hogs Head,
Hope this is another nail in the coffin of the 'anti' brigade.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-10-12 10:09:52 UTC

Perdona pero esas fiestas no tienen nada que ver con las tradiciones Españolas. En España tenemos fiestas Patronales en honor al Patron/a de nuestros pueblos, fiestas nacionales y fiestas tradicionales como Moros y Cristianos. No hay nada de Español en vuestras fiestas y en ningun pueblo de España vereis nada parecido.

Commented Spainlover in Torrevieja 2014-10-13 09:28:45 UTC

Con respecto hay muchas nacionalidades y culturas aquí en La Marina, que todos tratamos de integrar y vivir juntos, cada cultura tiene allí propia tradición y patrono de la gente, en general, las fiestas son muy buenos para el espíritu de la comunidad, para todo el mundo, cada fiesta debe ser respetado por todas las personas de todas las nacionalidades en la comunidad, la ciudad, la región y el país de España, ¿Por eso el alcalde ha autherised estas fiestas aquí en La Marina

Commented Dell in La Marina 2014-10-13 14:05:18 UTC

Come on Alan. Two comments in Spanish and it didn't come from me. What will you write about this?

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2014-10-13 14:20:22 UTC

Just for you, A quick straight answer.
Both of these comments make sense in the way they are written, and to me they are both correct in what they say. So really I cannot put my slant on either of them.
Whereas your Spanish replies are normally answers to comments that are not made (nothing new for you there) or the information is something you found on google but didn't bother to check if it had been superceeded

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-10-13 16:35:02 UTC

What a nonsense this "fiesta" was.You have been found out mister.Read up on the real back ground to a Spanish fiesta .Its just a cheap excuse at propping up your takings .The stage belonging to San Fulgencio was ordered without the Mayors permission or knowledge via your friend Jeff.W ..........ski.So I guess you.ll be putting some of your earnings in to the empty coffers of the Town Hall for the hire and publishing the total earned from the raffle yeh.At least that will help towards the cost of cleaning up the streets and the policing that night.

Commented Reg in San Fulgencio 2014-10-13 20:11:06 UTC

Sorry if I am doing something wrong, but please forgive me as this is my first post on here.
I agree 100%, with Spainlover, this was NOT a Spanish Fiesta. I would not normally complain, however these outside street parties held by The HogsHead playing music at god knows what volume, need to be stopped.
How the HogsHead gets away with this is any ones guess, he does not have a Music licence, yet he openly advertises music and entertainment. Every Thursday duriing Siesta he has music belting out, yet the Police and the Council turn a blind eye to this, I guess the HogsHead has good "connections" within the San Fulgencio council. Maybe it is time for the likes of the National / Autonomic Police to get involved.

If there is a need for these type of VERY LOUD type activities, but it must not be amongst residential properties. It need to be down near Lidl. Guardamar had similar problems a few years back, however they moved the problem bars/discos down to the trading estate away from were people live.

Commented Benjamin in La Marina 2014-10-14 09:20:18 UTC

What a nonsense comment! Get your facts straight. 1. The fiesta was a MINI fiesta and was endorsed by the license directly from the Mayor. 2 It was held by both bars, who both paid for the stage to be set up, and the pricing includes the police blocking roads off.3. the raffle had NOTHING whatsoever to do with either bar and all posters and press releases state that. And for everyone's information - the amount raised was published on here 2 days ago, also on fb on the appropriate groups and also on our website. Everyone who came had a brilliant time, and that is what it is all about. I don't know what coffers you think that get stuffed during these fiestas, but they do cost money to put on, and are mostly for the benefit of the community. Not everyone wants to sit inside every night. We have some talented musicians in our country and they deserve to be seen. And yes, there were Spanish musicians playing that night. This area should be called La Moanrina cos that is all folks do - whinge about every mortal thing.

Commented keepitliveonthecostablanca in La Marina 2014-10-14 11:14:27 UTC

Think you should get your facts straight the Mayor nor the Local Police new about this mini Fiesta as I understand it was all the doing of Hog,s Head and Jeff W**********I
The National Police were here all last week so if ALL Music is stopped as they can do then we have The Hog,s Head and our local Councillor to thank.

Commented david in La Marina 2014-10-14 11:33:06 UTC

Be fair keeping music alive on the costa blanca, Three comments have a pop at the mini fiesta and all of a sudden you are labeling La Marina like every body is complaining.
Stop, smell the roses. and check things first Of these three people one who joined ASL almost three years ago made their first comment on ASL to have a pop, the other two joined ASL in the last 48 hours, so they can have a pop.
I have been a regular on ASL for a few years, I to have had my share of moaners, but it doesn't change my way of realizing they are very few compared to the amount of people who have agreed with my comments, so I don't consider La Marina as a place for moaners.
In fact as I have done in the past, I will do again, and tell you, not to get worked up about these new names, they appear once and never again are heard from, they do not answer your replies to them, ask yourself why? and you will realize that you are getting annoyed at the wrong people. If you bother to check you will even find one has torrievieja as where he comes from, If that goes to form the person who wrote that comment was not the same person who joined ASL nearly three years ago.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-10-14 11:42:43 UTC

Not having a POP just telling the truth just lets all wait and see.

Commented david in La Marina 2014-10-14 11:50:01 UTC

Where have you been, for the last few weeks,This mini fiesta has been mentioned so many times, Including the fact that it was actually date changed from the original date, because the Mayor apparently said it couldn't be done on the original date as San Fulgencio, had blocked booked 12 days for their fiesta, and apparently we cant have two fiestas on the same day. if the local police had no knowledge of it, who closed the road, If the national Police were here all last week perhaps they should of been in San Fulgencio, looking at the religious fiesta there ,because I did not see them all last week. So perhaps we will ave to wait and see.
Before you start claiming victory, We have already been notified that we will have no more mini fiestas for a while as the amount of licences for mini fiestas has been cut to six a year by Valencia, but I am reliably informed that is being taken to task. So are my insiders in the know or are yours.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-10-14 12:01:13 UTC

David how could can blatantly lie with your comment I have the licence at the bar endorsed by mayor Carlos giving me & the George permission for the fiesta & the policia local came at 16.45 to make sure the roads where blocked & by the way the fact is that Jeff has nothing to do with the decision of mini fiesta's, the discision is made by the mayor so It's you that needs to get your facts right.

Commented Dell in La Marina 2014-10-14 12:06:02 UTC

As I was instrumental on helping to organise it then I think that I HAVE got my facts straight! Jeff had nothing to do with it, bar attending to support live music. The whole event was given an amnesty by the chief of police due to the change in the law by the Valencian Government - and not our local council. So of course they knew about it! One night of fun and everyone goes stupid. I am so pleased that so many people had a positive experience and even the rain didn't dampen the fun. The way some people go on you'd think we had a public hanging!

Commented keepitliveonthecostablanca in La Marina 2014-10-14 12:17:57 UTC

So because I complained I am now La Moanrina
Lets get facts correct.
To Play music you need a music licence
You need sound proofing and you need to keep the noise inside, this is especially so if you are in close proximity to residential homes, another way of viewing this would be, courtesy, common decency, respect for your neighbours.
Sorry, but I would not of complained, had the music been at a level that did not drown out my TV.
I am NOT breaking the law, yet judging from the above posts I assume I will be in the wrong,
Yes I am new to this forum, but I am not new to Spain, nor La Marina.

Commented Benjamin in La Marina 2014-10-14 12:21:39 UTC

Benjamin, you are wrong, A bar does not need sound proofing to obtain a music licence, a music licence can be obtained from the Valencian Prop Office in Elche as I have done so & 2 other bars on the URB have also done so, with this licence, that are checked by the national police, any bar can have live music. It’s out of respect, courtesy, common decency, that I, on most occasions close my windows & doors when live music is played.

Commented Dell in La Marina 2014-10-14 12:39:01 UTC

Why is everybody moaning about the fiesta, they only have one every now and then and folk enjoy themselfs. I bet you moan about the noise at christmas and birthdays aswell dont you.
I may add I do not live there I come over 4 times a year so you may say I should not be able to say anything and you may be right but when I do stay over i hear music from the sports centre most nights for nearly two week and I turn my tv or music off and listen to there music like it or not and I accept this and when i go up and go in it is lovely to see peaple many of them Spanish all dancing and happy

Commented Sam in La Marina 2014-10-14 15:36:09 UTC

Hog's Head La Marina.
La Licencia de la que hablas y que has puesto en Facebook no creo personalmente que sea legal, ya que le falta lo mas importante... La Firma del Sr. Alcalde! sin esa firma no es valida...
The Licence that you are talking about and posted on facebook, i dont personally think its a legal one as it is missing the most important part... The signature of the Mayor! Without that signature this document isnt valid...

Commented Spainlover in Torrevieja 2014-10-15 10:27:09 UTC

Spainlover, I do admire your persisstence regarding this thread, I can let you know the national Police have seen the license autherised by the Mayor, and as you know the fiesta went ahead, if it was in anyway illegle, I think the Policia Local would of stopped it after 5 minutes, but they didn't did they ! because everything was in order & autherised by the Mayor.
There is another fiesta arranged this weekend at Bar Santa Monica's why don't you check to make sure that one's legal or if they are honouring a Patron ? your clearly an expert.

Commented Dell in La Marina 2014-10-15 12:32:06 UTC

For God's sake get a life all you do is complain about everything that happens at the Hogs Head or the consum square their people trying to earn a living Paul and Jan are some of the nicest people I know try to get to know them and give them a chance

Commented linda in La Marina 2014-10-15 13:31:06 UTC

1. Im not complaining about everything and everyone, im just stating a fact that what happens here in La Marina doesnt happen nowere else.......
2. I know about the barbecue that Santa Monica is having, and that is theire 1st Party since they opened ages ago.
3. Why are you involving another bar if you are such a good person.
4. Thanks for your concern, y certainly have a life, and my life is amazing.
5. All this only started because i said that their fiestas are not Spanish, nor part of the spanish constitution, nor Cultural, they are only ment for adults and teenagers to get pissed and destroy public and private properties.

So i think you are blowing this out of proportion or looking for an argument, and i am not.
I just wanted to give my personal opinion, wich in this case is a fact.

Commented Spainlover in Torrevieja 2014-10-15 15:15:29 UTC

Aisha - give it a rest! What pensioners have you seen being vandals - cos that was the average age of the fiesta goers?!?

Commented keepitliveonthecostablanca in La Marina 2014-10-15 15:37:14 UTC

I think I may have started this when I posted about the volume levels from the Hogs Head street party. The problem the Hogs Head has that he is located only a few metres from people homes. So if the owner of The HogsHead wants to avoid problems with the locals, then he needs to keep the volume/noise of his Music and his clientele down to the level that he would want his next door neighbour to make were he lives. Not belting out music at some ear shattering level. Sorry, but basically he is in the wrong place/location if he wants to lay on entertainment.

Commented Golfer in La Marina 2014-10-15 15:40:30 UTC

Don't beat yourself up about it, your time away from internet should of rested your body.
What upsets even me (and you know just what a placid person I am )Is idiots who come on here claiming to of been a member for nearly three years gives her home area as torrey, has never ever had a word about torrey or anywhere else to write about. then insinuates that the guvnor from the hogs head, has put a false license on facebook, as if that wasn't enough ,she puts it, as she says what she thinks, that people (that includes me and you) in La Marina only have mini fiestas to get pissed and smash up private and public property.
That is what pisses me off.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-10-15 15:59:16 UTC

So golfer - instead of standing by your gate for 20 minutes watching, why didn't you come over and speak to someone? The fiesta was WELL advertised and was only for one short evening and was run by not only The Hogs Head - whom you seem to have a thing against, but also The George. As you have been spotted taking photos of all the events outside of the bars near you, you should be well aware of what is on on which day. The noise that disturbs you so much may be coming from other sources - have you considered that? I also dont understand if it has been such hell for you when you haven't moved to the Campo - better for golfing one would have thought? No?

Commented keepitliveonthecostablanca in La Marina 2014-10-15 16:00:20 UTC

Sorry, you have the wrong person, yes I live near the bars, yes I can hear the street party or whatever you call it, sorry, but I did not stand by my gate taking photos as I am unable to see the Hogs Head from my gate. Basically 2 roads away.

Commented Golfer in La Marina 2014-10-15 16:17:57 UTC

i neither get pissed or am i a teenager i'm a 64yr old widow who goes out with friends sometimes, the Hogs Head is the place i feel safe as the bar staff are always on the watch for idiots try getting on to some of the other bars in the square instead of focusing on one

Commented linda in La Marina 2014-10-15 16:20:54 UTC

Ive lived here for 20 years, and never seen as much vandalism as now... im not saying that everyone gets pissed but most of the customers.
I havent insinuated nothing, just state the fact that the licence hasn't been signed.

Commented Spainlover in Torrevieja 2014-10-15 16:40:46 UTC

Obviously a bit short of good English.. "Haven't insinuated nothing" means that you have insinuated something. Somehow I don't think that is what you meant to say

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-10-15 18:35:08 UTC

A tad unfair Alan, I don't think Spainlover is English, could be he is Spanish as his Spainish was perfect, in which case his English is pretty good, well it's far far better than my Spanish.

Commented Golfer in La Marina 2014-10-16 07:05:53 UTC

as i said im not English nor Spanish.

Commented Spainlover in Torrevieja 2014-10-16 07:06:22 UTC

isn't it true what i said?? has anyone seen the signature????

Commented Spainlover in Torrevieja 2014-10-16 07:14:16 UTC

If you are so worried that the license was false, why not just report it to the police, Paul has told you it was on show, why not pop in and ask him to see it, I am sure he will oblige.
Then perhaps you can start giving us some information like Why do you sign in as spainlover from torrievieja then in one of your comments state how poor La marina is looking since you moved here 20 years ago, and lastly perhaps you can explain where all these pissed people are when they damage all the private and public places.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-10-16 07:39:25 UTC

Golfer - Spainlover is a woman and her name is Aisha. She makes the same remarks on a fb group about La Marina.

Commented keepitliveonthecostablanca in La Marina 2014-10-16 08:08:18 UTC

When are all you people in favour of music in Spain going to wake up to THE FACT that the European Noise Pollution Act which Spain signed up to overrides all of the laws both local and national in these instances so it will only be a matter of time before the Town Hall and its Councellors will feel the weight of this body on them.The fines are massive both for them and the offenders.Take a look at Elche in the local papers recently .Fines were imposed and bars closed down.Don,t say you haven,t been warned.The whole problem with the Consum area is the proximity of the building to the residential properties which were built 18 years before.The owners of these properties were not consulted over the building of this block as they had with the supermarket .The verbal excuse given much later was that they would only be shops.Still doesn,t excuse the encumbant mayoress and her cohorts at the time over lack of control issuing licences for alcohol sales such that it ended up 78% bars.This was bound to end up with the situation you are all in now..If the Hogs Head or anyone else wants to become the entertainment entrepreneur of this Urb.then move down to the area where Iceland and Lidl etc are located,that way you,ll only offend a few campers.Just drove by and seen Chief O,Neils being stripped out .The first of many to come don,t you think.

Commented Reg in San Fulgencio 2014-10-16 10:26:39 UTC

im not worried about it i was just remarking the fact... he shouldnt have posted it if he didnt want anyone to comment about it.
why doesnt the townhall spend some money in doing some kids areas, like public libraries, winter play areas, etc....
its just an idea...

Commented Spainlover in Torrevieja 2014-10-16 10:27:26 UTC

REG. Yes you are right about the European Noise Pollution Act which was activated in 2003.
You are wrong about the houses being built before the bars were. In fact with the Noise Pollution Act it doesn't matter if the houses were built 100 years before or 50 years after, the act can still be used by the people living around that noise. What you forgot to mention was this was Act came into effect in 2003 and was largely ignored by every European Country. Countries can fight against this Act,I believe the U.K. did just that and the law for licensed premises only applies to Bars that house over 250 patrons.
But of course many of the larger places in the U.K. are under threat of closure due not to the fact they were built after the living accommodation, but the fact that they were mainly built in the business areas of Towns (mainly offices and shops) When the recession occurred many years ago these shops and offices were converted into apartments, it was the owners of these apartments built up to 30 years after the bars, that have caused the problem, My feeling is due to the fact that they can be compensated by law for there loss of privacy.
Before I get bombarded with comments like but this is Spain not the U.K. This is Europe it doesn't matter what Country ,the European law is the same, and like U.K. and probably other Countries, if you want the law changed, you and your Countries Leaders can get it altered but you have to fight for it.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-10-16 12:00:17 UTC

I think you are a little out with your statement "You are wrong about the houses being built before the bars were" My house is 26 years old, that's way before the Consum area development.
I would like to clarify, on this forum anyone against mega loud music is a moaner, I don't think anyone is against music, I just think the locals (I include myself in this) were NOT against music, in the majority they were against loud music. Music from multiple bars just becomes a noise.
The Bar owners could have stopped all this had they wished, simple just turn the volume down, but no, it has been a case of two fingers up to people who live close to the bars.
The Council could have also stopped this as well, they could have made the bars fit noise limiters, but once again, nothing was done as the problem was on the urb, not San Fulgencio.
My initial complaint about the Consum area was people shouting and screaming on there way home past my house at 2 and 3am in the morning.
A while ago I was thinking live and let live, lets try and find some common ground, however last Saturday changed all that for me, talk about ear shattering loud, the volume level was plain stupid in the middle of houses. So my view is now the sooner these places are closed down the better.

Commented Golfer in La Marina 2014-10-16 12:34:21 UTC

Golfer, My comment was perfectly correct, your reading was perhaps a tad incorrect. What I said was that it didn't matter if your house was built 100 years before or years after the bars were built. The European Act on Noise Pollution does not differentiate between them, old living accommodation or new accommodation is covered by the same law. I have slightly reworded what I wrote, the meaning is exactly the same.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-10-16 13:52:15 UTC

Strange that you seem to think that our countries need to change that law when it was a lady in Valencia who brought about this as she was experiencing the same problems as La Marina residents hence it is called the Moreno Law on Noise Pollution .She had 8 years experiencing two fingers in the air from both parties.Since then this law has been applied in several cases in Cartagena and Murcia resulting in bar closures and huge fines.I notice Hogs Head says you don,t need insulation to obtain a music licence.He should read Article 8 of the Act which states "any noise generated from a commercial business must be contained within the building used for the purpose "it goes on to state double doors ,windows etc .which must be kept closed at all times in order to satisfy the Law.

Commented Reg in San Fulgencio 2014-10-16 14:28:19 UTC

Yes Reg your absolutely right unless the bar has a license actividad espectaculo extraordinario such as I have got today from the valencian office in Elche.

Commented Dell in La Marina 2014-10-16 14:45:01 UTC

Just thought I,d add that I bought my house off plan in 1986 and moved in in 1990 with orange and lemon groves around me.The land where Consum and the other building is built was a deep valley which masa filled with spoil from the new Posh Palace right down to what is now Hogs Head corner.To this day no one has seen a planning permission for that building or the licence fees paid in to the Town Hall.Not that this matters much as I,m unable to live in the house due to the noise and unable to sell because of the proximity of the bars.I have three empty house either side of mine in the same predicament.Perhaps this goes some way to explain the animosity towards the johnny come latelys who have spoiled life in this area.

Commented Reg in San Fulgencio 2014-10-16 14:52:11 UTC

Can you give me a link that I can use to see this Moreno Law, Cannot find one on google, but have found one which includes night flights at heathrow , bur cannot find the exact onev you are naming. Advice would be helpful

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-10-16 15:30:13 UTC

What is this license actividad espectaculo extraordinario ?
Does this licence have a noise limit, or does it allow you to carry on as normal and destroy the quality of life of your neighbours???

Commented Golfer in La Marina 2014-10-16 15:32:51 UTC

O,Neil's been refurbed more music to come.

Commented desnaandmick in La Marina 2014-10-16 15:41:37 UTC

Golfer yes you are correct I can have live music with this licence which I now have I can even have my windows & doors open if I want, however in the interest of keeping the peace I will close them, it just means I can legally have live music on specified events through the months ahead.

Commented Dell in La Marina 2014-10-16 16:00:42 UTC

At what sound level???

Commented Spainlover in Torrevieja 2014-10-16 16:24:14 UTC

Why doesn't anybody realise that all the problems with noise on the Urb originate from the Hogs Head? The owner comes across as reasonable on this forum, but he is, in fact, very arrogant. He can even be heard mocking the neighbours via his PA system, to the delight of his dedicated followers. He's laughing at all the responsible bar owners.

Commented flagkilo in La Marina 2014-10-16 16:29:30 UTC

Reg have a look a this:
This is the official law about music licences: https://www.boe.es/diario_boe/txt.php?id=BOE-A-2010-20014
Check Article I.4.e.... Its in spanish but u could perhaps googletranslate it.

And here you have the soundlimits: http://www.laverdad.es/murcia/v/20131117/local/region/ordenanza-ruidos-pone-limites-201311170047.html
Área acústica Día Noche
1. Uso sanitario, docente y cultural 50 40
2. Suelo residencial 55 45
3. Uso terciario 60 50
4. Uso recreativo y de espectáculos 63 53
5. Suelo industrial 65 55

Commented Spainlover in Torrevieja 2014-10-16 16:47:06 UTC

It's dissapointing, but some 12 months ago a large document, was compiled by a multi national group of residents and sent to a The Court Of Human Rights. This document contained photos, video recordings etc etc and was signed by people living around the Consumer area, not sure the exact number of signatures, suffice to say I signed on the 3rd page.
This document was accepted by the court in Stasbourg, however, and this is the dissapointing bit, one of the document compilers put a halt on the document as our Council (The Mayor ) promised to put a stop to these problem bars. guess once he knew the document had been halted he thought stuff the residents.
If any of the original compilers of this document read this Forum, then can I ask why not simply resurrect this document.

Commented Golfer in La Marina 2014-10-16 18:07:07 UTC

I cannot believe there are any idiots left out there who are gonna start another cash sink hole.Or do you know more than you,re letting on,because if its you remember what Paul and Jan,s friends said on the blog three years ago"when they took over Thomas Greens, you have been warned." and look at the world of s...t they are in.I remember my solicitor in Torrevieja saying to me 27 years ago," don,t start a business on an urbanizacion" boy was he right and don,t think the 4 am closing licence will be there for the taking.

Commented Reg in San Fulgencio 2014-10-16 18:25:09 UTC

except for Paul and Jan it´s obvious that none of you have a life around here, them 2 try their best to provide a bit of live music, work soo bloody damm hard to please everybody. But hey some of you guys spend more and more time to slag them off behind close door.....says a lot about the mentality...tell you what if you have such an issue with them why don´t you go and speak to them face to face instead of hiding behind a screen...come one people life is fat too short for petty behaviour

Commented mauri 7 in La Marina 2014-10-17 20:58:18 UTC

Mauri 7
Speak to them Face to Face you say, people have done, other Bar owners have, even the Council have, Paul could not care less about his neighbours. Has he as a good neighbour taken the trouble to ask his neighbours if his business is causing his disruption to them, NO. He even had a fire at his Bar that threatened property local to him.

You state -- It´s obvious that none of you have a life around here, I would respond, it´s obvious that you don’t live around here.

Can I ask, when you have had a good night out and your ears are ringing, I bet you go home for some peace and quiet and a good nights sleep, well we cannot, we are forced to listen to the so called “entertainment” of the Hogs Head. If the Radio or TV in your house or car is too loud, you can turn it down or turn it off, we have no control over the likes of the Hogs Head.
Yes he has a few supporters, but I bet they do not live local to his Bar, I bet some of them even don’t live on the urb, and of course he will have support from the DJ’s and so called musicians/and this keep music alive thing. Remember initially no one WAS against music, they were against LOUD music.

I’ve been in the house directly opposite his bar that was owned by a Spanish friend of mine, he owned this property since new, he has now been forced to move out. When the Hogs Head had their entertainment on the ornaments on the unit in his bedroom use to rattle and move. This is why Bars have to be sound proofed against Noise Harshness and Vibration. The Hogs Head has nothing, remember it was built as a lock up shop.

Talking to my neighbours some are now beginning to say they are against ANY music from ANY of the Consum Bars. This post of yours Mauri 7 has made me think, maybe, it’s time for the residents who live close to the Consum Bars to start their own petition and take it to the Autonomic Police against ANY Music on the Consum square being played unless the Bar if fully licenced and soundproofed. Maybe no music is better than being FORCED to listen to LOUD music.
Mauri 7 I thank you for planting the seed in my mind, I am tempted to start a petition, lets stop the lot, however, I will not do this as I think MOST of the Bars are trying to be good neighbours, however Mauri 7, your post has tempted me.

Commented Benjamin in La Marina 2014-10-18 08:20:11 UTC

Stop moaning and read the previous comments. You will see one from Golfer, who says he signed such a petition last year, and it was sent to one of the official government depts. he then says our Mayor apparently stopped it going any further, he asked if anybody else remembers that petition along with videos and sound tracks. Now that was the way to go,(although to me it sounds like it may of been some kind of scam) But if you want to achieve something in your live surely have a word with golfer and perhaps you should be able to achieve something, you may not get all what you want, but according to a few on here you can only be better off.
You may think this is a wind up, because I do not agree on many of the complaints, I will tell you If I felt as strongly about something as you seem to do, I would fight for my rights, and not just sit around and wring my fingers. One bit of advise be careful of those who offer to help you (for a cash sum) chances are they are a bit dodgy.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-10-18 09:48:14 UTC

I said I signed a document that went to and was accepted by the european court of human rights in Strasbourg. Unfortunately one of the guys involved in organising this document had a meeting with the Mayor and I think Paulino and he took it upon himself to stop the document going any further, much to the annoyance of many of the local residence. Apparently he claims promises were made by the Mayor and Paulino that the Bar problem was going to be resolved.

This had NOTHING to do with a petition to the Autonomic Police ref stopping the Consum Bar Music.

Maybe Paulino would like to comment on this as apparently he had a copy of the document

Commented Golfer in La Marina 2014-10-18 12:42:25 UTC

Yes I made a small mistake, I couldn't remember which European Court you referred to So I called it a government dept. (Europe is a Government) I never meant for Benjamin to contact the police, although that is what he mentioned. He seemed pretty sincere, My idea is that the higher you go the better (or worse) it gets, obviously keeping on to different police depts. has been done. so why not aim higher.
But don't worry, you have convinced me not to try to assist next time.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-10-18 13:15:53 UTC