Mis-sold Spanish Mortgages

Ok I have been reading loads about what is being called a FLOOR CLAUSE and that tens of thousands of expats have got one on there mortgage and if they have they can get thousands back in compensation.

All sounds GREAT

Before I start filling in forms on line and giving out my personal details can someone PLEASE explain what its all about ?

It's a very simple process as we are getting our money back even after our bank told us we could not.
This is who we are using and they couldnt be more helpful http://theclaimshop.com I was also dubious about form filling so I used their fast track text service to which I though I would call the number instead of texting. I got through to a very nice lady who took all my details over the phone and the following day we completed the process

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-13 11:25:39 UTC