Try the furniture shops in quesada i am sure they could help you in getting you bunk beds at a good price



Bed and Breakfast in Quesada, 40 euro per couple per night light breakfast included. pictures on request. Ring 965724188 e-mail


Now that's something I did not know, a B&B in Quesada, if only I had know about this before. I will have a look for your advert to get extra details.

Have you been open for long? Or is this a new business?

Commented Papillon in La Marina 2011-03-23 14:33:40 UTC


I'm reading all this good stuff about the Black Bull Steak House, can you tell me exactly where it s located please.


Hi, it comes under torremendo, but if you live close get the free bus

Commented David Martin in Quesada 2011-03-23 12:22:56 UTC

I have seen that they have an advert in Services with a Google map on it. s David Say's they do run a bus from Quesada and back, not sure how to book it though.

Commented Harris Family in Quesada 2011-03-23 12:46:51 UTC


You can call the bar to arrange pick up on 966842070... Many Thanks (:

Commented La Luz Bar/Restaurant in La Marina 2011-03-23 13:09:43 UTC


I have just been reading the positive posts about the Black Bull in Torremendo. I have organised a Saturday Evening Carvery and Dance there on the 16th April Cavery and a bottle of wine for every two people tickets are €12 - this is for the charity Paul Cunningham Nurses if anyone would like tickets or more information please email


Im sure it is going to be a great night and also a night to remember, going by other nights i have seen at the black bull it is going to be a sell out so i would highly recommend getting your tickets early to avoid disappointment, and dont forget to book yourself on the free bus for collection and return trip

Commented David Martin in Quesada 2011-03-23 10:20:37 UTC


We are an internet shopping unit and concierge service that offers customers the chance to order anything on line, without the use of a credit card! We also have wall space advertising for rent from 10 euros for 6 months (great deal!) our name is No Pasa Nada we are located in Calle Los Arcos Numero 17! We can even book flights for you!!! come see us now!!!


Interesting information, put not for the forum I think, if you take out a page on the Services (I think its free) you will be able to tell us all about what you do.

Commented OverSeas Property Bureau in Quesada 2011-03-23 10:08:44 UTC

Thanks for the help. I created a Services Page now as well!!! Thanks Hun!! xx

Commented ksm59 in Quesada 2011-03-23 10:10:47 UTC


Anyone with a PC or laptop and the internet can be earning extra money. You do not need a product or a website, NO SELLING and NO DEADLINES it is as simple as clicking......FREE TRAINING and ongoing support.

Many people are very skeptical about the internet but there is money to be made and it might be better in your pocket.

Contact Aggio on or Skype aggio0



Hi all
Great response, sorry I have had internet problems the one I mentioned at Monolos is an open day, but I am willing to run a group there during the week.
Please ring me on 966 716 919 and once I have 5 names I will get it running, yes it is completely open to come and go, but that is why we need numbers as 1 or 2 people talking for an hour is hard work.
Looking forward to getting it running



The opening of the new health centre today has been brought forward to 12.00, everyone will be welcome.


What a shame I can now not make the earlier time as I can only finish work at 12 and it takes 20 min to get there, will something still be going on at 12.20 or will it be finished?. Do you know why it was changed?

Commented Papillon in La Marina 2011-03-23 08:04:27 UTC

The people who arrange the protocol for the President contacte the Town Hall yesterday to bring forward the time, as he is opening the new terminal at Alicante airport afterwards I presume that has something to do with it. If I were you I would arrive when I can and see if theres any wine and nibbles around

Commented oracle in Quesada 2011-03-23 08:25:05 UTC


Today is carvery day at The Black Bull :) Why not come down and enjoy our Sunday Lunch.. Choose from 3 meats or have a bit of them all and eat as much veg and potatoes as you can for 6.95 per adult and 2.95 per child.If you would like to enjoy a nice cold drink in the sun call our courtesy bus which will pick you up and take you home free of charge. Call 966842070... Have a nice day!!

Morning All,

Today is Steak Special... " 8oz steaks with all the trimmings (chips, salad, homemade garlic mushrooms and onion rings) all for 11.95 for 2 people. Why not leave the car at home and book our courtesy bus on 966842070. Free pickup and drop off within a 15 km radius... Have a nice day :)

Commented La Luz Bar/Restaurant in La Marina 2011-03-23 07:22:10 UTC

We will see you there, looking forward to yet another great night at your place.

Julie and family

Commented OverSeas Property Bureau in Quesada 2011-03-23 07:51:04 UTC


I have just noticed some of the features on this site that I did not know about. I have found that you can recommend a service that you like and also write a comment under any of the adverts.
This gives me an idea that all members could recommend a restraint or bar that they like and if others have been there they can comment on what they thought good or bad. It gives everyone a good insight into the best places. I am already writing about the one's I have been to.

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