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Villa in Abandoned Village In Asturias In A Beautiful Place, San Roman Pilona, Asturias, Spain


Abandoned village in Asturias in a beautiful place.
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This village has 11 houses and animal pens that can be restored. It has all permits for restoration.
It is in the town council of Piloña, 11km from te city of Infesto.
It is alongside the National park of Redes that is a Unesco Biosphere Reserve.

The orientation is South-South West.
It has electrics connected and has a water supply tubed down from a spring.


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3/ 94m2 4/
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7/ 121m2 8/
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11/ 87m2 Horreo 25m2

The village has approximately 6000m2 of land (1 ½ acres).
The buildings need restoration .. some partial and others total.
The tarmac road gets to within 230metres of the village from there the track is not accesible for cars without attention.
We can send you a dossier with all plans, projects and permits etc.

    Price: €215,000.00