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Apartments for tourists and business travelers in Barcelona

Apartments for tourists and business travelers in Barcelona

Short stay rentals in Spain.

Globexs (GLOBAL EXPATRIATE SERVICES SL), with our head office in Valencia, Spain, is a service company for expats moving to Spain

We offer 3 relocation services to travelling expats:

furnished rental apartments: fully equipped short stay rental apartments in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and Asturias
legal assistance: a Globexs lawyers helps expats with immigration processes and other legal matters related to moving abroad
webshop for expats: a specialized webshop where expats can buy indispensable items for their new home

We offer 2 services to owners:

property management: complementary housing services related to short stay rentals
property finding: assistance to expats who want to buy a property in Spain

How it works

For stays under 6 weeks:

1.Explore the map to check where you want to stay.
2.Enter the dates and check availability and price.
3.Book online or submit a booking request.
4.Pay a 20% downpayment to confirm the booking.
5.On the day of your arrival the owner waits for you at the flat to hand over the keys.

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For long stays:

Book online by paying a 20% prepayment, or contact us for a customized quotation.
General information

Globexs acts as an intermediate between people owning a furnished flat and people looking to rent one. Flat owners in Spain and Belgium autorise us to publish and promote their flat to find customers who want to rent it for short stays between 3 days and 4 weeks. Globexs acts as an intermediate throughout the whole booking process: We assist the guest before and during their stay and we ensure effective communication between the flat owner and the guest.

Booking a flat with Globexs is easy and safe and only takes a few minutes

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