Pre Payment Electricity card meters

I'm in the UK at the moment reviewing potential additional services that we can offer to clients. I do some work for one of the rental companies and they have asked me for options to better control power consumption from rental clients as they tend to leave everything on.

One of the options for Villa owners that we offer is a prepayment card meter. As the name suggests, clients purchase a pre paid card to insert in the meter and that releases a pre determined amount of electricity. Additional cards can be purchased by the clients as and when they need them.
An emergency button on the meter can be configured to provide a set amount of additional power. We can also supply and fit a combination key safe (€50) near the meter to store an additional backup card. This allows owners the option to take payment over the phone and then provide the combination to access the extra card.

Prices to supply, fit and configure the meter with 100 pre paid cards plus an engineer card to amend tarrif is €150. Considering an average electric bill is about €100 per month, these units will pay for themselves very quickly.

Additional 100 card packs are available from ourselves at €20. We also give you a user id and password to allow you to order cards directly from our supplier in the UK.

If you'd like to know more then I can contacted via this post or email [email protected] or leave a message on 966 719 362.