After the write up in The Leader (Monday 21st May) stating that K9 Animal Charity was at crisis point we all felt very strongly to set the record straight. This first article was published without any confirmation or proof of accuracy and without any contact between The Leader the President and the Treasurer or indeed any other committee member of K9. Basically the Leader felt the need to publish unsubstantiated gossip provided by people who would like to see K9 fail for reasons which they only know. These same people have continually spread gossip and allegations against K9 indeed some have even presented themselves in the K9 shop to stir things up. Well K9 have had enough and hopefully after reading the truth ( which has been well substantiated) in this weeks Leader (28th May) the public will make their own minds up.

K9 has achieved a great deal since January We have a strong committee who all have their own skills to offer K9. We also have our Foster Carer Co ordinator which was something we became aware of we needed when we first took over. Our fantastic fund raising team have many events planned so please support your local , fully legal Animal Charity.

The Committee of K9 would like to thank all those people who supported them through this time especially the shop staff lead by Jean and our customers , without these funds our animals would not be able to be cared for.

Article in this weeks The Leader 28.5.2012
K9 Not In Crisis

In response to last week's headline article claiming a crisis within the K9 animal charity, the President, Treasurer and Website Manager met with the Leader this week, armed with their evidence and proof that disputes the claims made by former volunteers and committee members.
The story involved the case of two dogs in the care of K9 – Colin and Ronnie, but straight away the trio were quick to dismiss that one of the animals even belonged to K9. “Ronnie is NOT a K9 dog,” explained the President. Despite paying for Ronnie's first course of veterinary treatment last November, a generous offer of help to another animal charity, Ronnie was not rescued by K9 or placed in to their care, “Pets In Spain rescued her and on their website there is a direct link to a feature on You Tube about the rescue and were looking for her to be fostered.
However, we did put Ronnie on our website also under the 'other' dogs for adoption as we do advertise other dogs and cats that need new homes as well as the ones under our care.”
K9 try to help animal owners or other charity's whenever they can but with large vets bills themselves, funding is not always available to do this. As a result, the case of Ronnie was bought up at a meeting with the new committee who inherited the history of Ronnie and it was agreed by a majority that K9 would, as a very last resort, help the foster carer with euthanasia costs should it be decided that treatment was no longer an option. “The treatment requires Ronnie being kept very calm and still for the majority of time,” explains the President, “we could not have done this and could not have afforded the costs of keeping her in kennels for the duration of the treatment.”
In response to the story of Colin, who bit the Treasurer who was looking after him with a view to him being re-homed, the Treasurer completely refutes all allegations made by Lesley Langston. “Colin would never have bitten them and they knew what Colin was like” is what Lesley told the Leader last week.” “The evidence speaks for itself,” replied the Treasurer showing the wound to her right leg, still clearly visibly over 3 weeks since the attack. “To say we fabricated this story and called the police ourselves to get the dog taken away is complete lies. I had no choice but to seek medical attention after the bite and as soon as they knew it was a dog bite they informed the authorities, it was taken out of our hands,” she explains showing her medical notes received following the incident. As a result of the medical staff calling the police, Colin was taken away where he was to be in quarantine for 40 days as K9 say is standard practice in such a case but Lesley managed to get him out sooner.
The President said, “It was decided to take Colin out of kennels to socialise him and ready for re-homing and our Treasurer was very experienced to deal with him. Yes we didn't book the castration in on that day as originally planned as she thought it would be too stressful for Colin to take him out of the kennels, to the vets and back to a new environment so we wanted to let him settle in first, but I told Lesley this.”
Brian Anderson who contacted the Leader last week with his concerns, says he resigned from his position as assistant treasurer as a result. However, the K9 trio provided documented evidence from the minutes of their committee meeting that Brian had in fact resigned in March, before any of these events. These notes were hand written in a journal, and could not have been altered. This was also the second time he had resigned having sent a letter of resignation to the previous committee back in November. Since then, the President showed a letter received by Brian asking to come back to K9 saying he should replace the Treasurer to get K9 back 'to where it should be.' Brian and others did show up to a scheduled meeting on Monday 14th May but the committee allowed Brian to speak before asking him to leave. They only threatened police action when he became abusive and refused to leave.
There were other issues the President, Treasurer and Website Manager wanted to comment on but without documented evidence politely held their silence refusing to get in to any further arguments or partake in mudslinging stating that it seemed clearly to be the bad will of a few who wished to try and bring down K9 and personally attack and discredit some members. “Everything we have said is to be the truth and can be proved. As stated in last week's Leader our priority remains as it always has, with the welfare of animals and we just hope that this detrimental piece does not affect them. Prior to this K9 was doing very well, we have reduced our vets from around 2500€ to around 200€ and our last fundraising race night raised 709€ and we are close to getting a vehicle to help us function better and continually need fosterers.” Anyone able to help can call 633 936 501 or the charity shop on 965 077 208.
The Leader regrets that we were unable to speak with the President and Treasurer last week due to holidays and the wrong phone number being given, but we are happy to give their side of the story this week and set the record straight.

La Marina

Ok Andi
You were very quick to attack K9 and this lady, what do you have to say now? This man has obviously lied to the leader to discredit her and does not care if he pulls K9 down to do it. There is even a picture of the bite on her leg to prove that what K9 say happened was true.
Time to apologize for being so quick to want to believe the worst.
This goes for a few others on this forum too!!

Commented Susan S in La Marina 2012-05-29 12:41:16 UTC


First off I ain't apologising to anyone, it's that simple. I'm just following what the leader said. The leader printed that, in return K9 had there say end of story.
If you have a issue with that, so be it, but no apologies from me.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-29 12:57:31 UTC

Looks very bad on the Leader then.

Commented Select Air in Quesada 2012-05-29 15:44:00 UTC

Did I or did I not see a letter on the counter at the Vets the other day saying that K9 urgently needed funds. Please correct me if I am wrong and I will apologise.

Commented violet in San Fulgencio 2012-05-29 15:49:24 UTC

I have not seen any leaflets asking for funds. I have seen ones asking for volunteers to work in their shop and for people to foster cats and dogs for them. I am sure they always need funds, as all charities do. They must have large ongoing costs for the animals in their care and big vet bills, we all know just one sick animal can run up a substantial bill very quickly. I do know they have just had a kitten in the hospital at Guardamar on a drip, although I believe it is now recovered and ready to be homed.
I would imagine that they will need as much support as possible after the malicious actions of a few people recently!

Commented Susan S in La Marina 2012-05-30 18:03:18 UTC


I take it you read that long statement above correct if so you would know they have reduced there vet bill to around €200 euros and, the lady that houses some of there dogs for free on there land. So I think you should re-read it before you post that. Yes they are paying out more than what's probably coming in. Same as others every other charity in San Fulgencio. So they all need help not just one single charity.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-30 18:34:45 UTC

You make some interesting points about this lady who looks after K9 dogs. I am sure that if you were to talk to this lady she would admit to being paid for looking after the dogs, getting all the food provided and all the cleaning equipment she needs. She does not look after them for free. Maybe Andi you should get your facts straight before jumping to conclusions so quickly. Mark

Commented markmark722 in La Marina 2012-05-30 20:01:52 UTC

Point taken Mark, but to be honest, I dont care to much for your opinion, although you entitled to it like everyone else.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-30 20:44:39 UTC

Hi mark, I have been reading the forum and keeping up with what has been going on and feel the need to have my say. You are quite right in that lesley does get all of these things from K9 she also operates a private boarding kennels ( my friend uses them). Coming back to the abusive incident outside the K9 shop recently I also was a witness although I was on the opposite side of the road but nevertheless saw this Lesley and another woman. who I found out later was the wife of the ex assistant treasurer( yes the very same who has recently been shown his true colours in the leader). Both these women were verbally attacking the committee of K9 screaming " you f.......ing murderers" and refusing to let them pass it was disgusting and disgraceful behaviour . fortunately K9 with the support of the Leader have fought back and have shown these people for what they are. Incidently this lesley has a history of being abusive towards people. Another regular boarder with her was actually physically attacked and their car damaged when this person arrived with their dogs and was not happy with the conditions they saw. This person was left very frightened and was threatened by both lesley and her husband not to take it further.

Sue. W

Commented wsue055 in La Marina 2012-05-31 08:12:26 UTC

For anyone that knows me, I'd like to clarify that the anonymous "Sue W" is NOT me. And anyone that's thinking the anonymous "Mark" is Mark Lewis, is also wrong. I have asked Admin to look into this for me as I feel the use of these names may well have been done to inflame and aggravate the thread.

Commented Sue Whiting in La Marina 2012-05-31 10:26:19 UTC

Hi sue whiting, just to put you at ease i am not you i am another Sue, with the same initials, unfortunately we are quite common.


Commented wsue055 in La Marina 2012-05-31 12:32:01 UTC

Sue w. Why don't you stop being a mouth piece for other people. I think you will find that the lady concerned helped at the kennels and she wasn't happy with the size of the kennel and run, NOT the condition. The kennels are SPOTLESS and the dogs are well cared for. I believe she was offered another larger one. As for lesley being paid to look after the dogs, it would be a very small amount if she was. The public can see the books if they wish, go to the shop. She helps friends out when they go away, that doesn't make it a private kennel. I shall not be making anymore comments on this site, so no need to answer. I've got better things to do. Dee

Commented deecc2000 in La Marina 2012-05-31 13:41:34 UTC

Wow.. It really has got to stop all this batting back and forth. The fact is the leader printed what they did the foot-ball team that is the committee of K9 ( so many of them) had there say.
Most kennels if not all of them charge between €2-3 euros a day per dog for charities. I would want to know what Leslie is given, to be honest it's no ones business unless it's in the publics intrest.
There is no kennel that is legal here that I can gaurentee because if so you must of spent a fortune on having the land tested, making sure your the correct distance away from neighbours. Things just need to be left alone. Let them get on with what there doing, if you don't like it then have your say but,all this does is damages charities reputations, not just k9 but all of them.
I believe there should be a independt body that oversees all charities, makes sure there being run right, make sure there no cutting corners. Maybe the council should look into that because it's now getting out of hand.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-31 14:10:26 UTC

Best you go and do it then as you dont know what you are talking about.

Commented wsue055 in La Marina 2012-05-31 15:22:25 UTC

I thought all the registered charities were controlled by Valencia? Is this not the case then? Obviously the unregistered ones have no controls over them, but I do not want to start that debate again as I saw it on here before!

Commented Susan S in La Marina 2012-05-31 17:30:41 UTC


All registered charities are guided by a constitution, every registered charity will have one. They won't be the same but will have the same basic guidelines. There is no control by valencian goverment. Everything is governed by a constitution that falls on a committee to enforce.
That's why I believe the council should organise a independent body to make sure things are run correct. I know charities can apply to the valencian goverment to become a animal protectera ( not sure I spelt that correct) I also believe if you are a protectera you are given money by the valencian goverment depending on the amount of animals in your care. Correct me if I'm wrong, as I'm not 100% on that. All charities / associations are governed by the national registry of charity asscosiation, if the general public want to take up a complaint they are the people to go through.
As for impact charity being invited to the celebrations at the town hall, I believe you are correct Susan.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-31 17:47:10 UTC

I agree with you (shocked? !!!!) anyone who collects public money should be accountable.
By the way I have just heard that all the registered local charities are getting some sort of award from the Town Hall at the jubilee celebrations on Sunday. K9 is ivited so this must include Impact Charity Shop too?

Commented Susan S in La Marina 2012-05-31 17:53:51 UTC

If I'm correct on this Susan two members are being nominated from each local charity for a medal / award for the charity work that's been done for that particular charity.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-31 18:03:19 UTC

I think that is a fantastic idea and well done to the Town Hall for recognising the work these people do. A real boost for all of them and well deserved too.

Commented Susan S in La Marina 2012-05-31 18:17:14 UTC

Well if I could nominate someone from K9 then it would be old girl Shiela. Cracking lady, been apart of K9 for years an years.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-31 18:22:57 UTC

Sheila will be one of the people collecting the awards, it was her who told me about it.

Commented Susan S in La Marina 2012-05-31 18:29:11 UTC

I am saddened and amazed at recent comments made direct to lesley langston and her kennels, most of which have been made by people who have NEVER visited the kennels, or have some ill-informed grudge to bear and are happy to hide under an anonymous name and quoting various friends who have had dealings with lesley .... come on let's have some names !!!
I work at the kennels one morning a week ( and believe me, it's hard work ) and I can confirm that they are maintained to an EXCELLENT standard ( space and facilities ) of comfort and hygiene with both lesley and her husband Brian doing a MINIMUM 35 hours per week, seven days a week in all weathers and with NO assistance from the K9 committee. COME ON COMMITTEE MEMBERS... be prepared to get your hands dirty !!!
Yes, cleaning materials are provided by K9 but not to the quality provided by the previous K9 committee. With regards to lesley being "paid" the going rate of 2 or 3 euros per dog per night, I can personally confirm that lesley receives 20 EUROS PER WEEK whether she is looking after 6 or 12 dogs per night and many of them are special needs dogs. The 20 euros is a contribution towards the minimum 40 litres of drinking water per day used ( note- Lesley lives in the campo on "well" water which is filtered at a high electrical cost ) but k9 have never offered to provide water, and in addition, once a week all the dogs bedding is washed, using more water and electric.
PROFIT MAKING? - I THINK NOT. K9 TAKING ADVANTAGE OF LESLEY - YES. They are paid 20 euros for all this..which also is the same ammount paid to the cattery.
Lesley and Brian live on a small private pension and often go without personally, to ensure the dogs are well cared for. They DO NOT operate a private kennels as indicated and was never the intention to do so, they offered their land for free and built the kennels to help the abandoned dogs. They do, however, on the odd occasion, take a dog in if someone phones them if they have to go into hospital to help, but mainly it is friends dogs that they have looked after in their own home, NOT the kennels. Lesley did not call anybody f****** murderers, it was in fact somebody else. lesley went to the meeting to speak with the K9 committee to ask for an explanation into why they did what they did to Colin, and was told she could speak with them after the meeting, so she waited, but at the end of the meeting they had no intention of letting her speak and pushed by her as she tried to speak with them, which is how it went out into the street. Lesley has not got a history of being abusive towards people, in actual fact, it is quite the oppisite, she would do anything for anybody and is always there to help anyone in need. Yes, she will speak her mind and you know where you stand with her, she will stick up for herself and the dogs. As to this other so called regular boarder, (who incidently has never boarded her dogs there) This lady in question came to help lesley and Brian at the kennels and was looked upon as a friend, she asked Lesley if she would look after her dogs when she went to the UK as she said she would not want to leave them with anyone else, Lesley still has that original email stating this fact. When this lady came to the kennels that day for some unknown reason, she was in a foul mood, she went down to the kennels and said they were not good enough, having previously been shown where her two dogs would stay. Lesley offered to put her dogs in another pen which she could choose if she was not happy, but it seems she had already made her mind up before she had arrived that they were not staying. Incidently one of these dogs was originaly looked after at the kennels and is the brother of Colin. As to being physically attacked and her car damaged, this is total fabrication and she was not threatened by lesley and Brian to not take it any further as they new nothing was wrong. I know this is a long letter but I was so annoyed at reading such terrible lies about two lovely people whose only crime is to love all the dogs and put them before themselves. Cheryl.

Commented nonniandpopsi in La Marina 2012-06-01 13:52:30 UTC


If this is the Cheryl I'm thinking it is, then Im glad you wrote this. This K9 committee is a dam joke 20 euros a week. Let me make something clear cause I know they all read this, you guys have not got a clue. 20 euros a week. If I'm correct K9 paid 1.500 euros to have these kennels built on there properties , how I know this don't bother asking me, if I'm wrong correct me on that but Im not, maybe on the figure yes. So K9 step up and take responsibility to the animals in your care. Everything seems to have gone down hill when Mark Lewis and the last committee left

To hear that hardly if not any K9 committe members go down to the kennels to help is a joke. You all sit on that committee trying to do this do that but won't get your hands dirty. How you class yourselfs as running K9 is beyond me.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-06-01 14:17:55 UTC