Energy Performance Certificae

If you are selling or renting your Spanish property then you Must get this now.

What is an energy certificate?

It is a report that describes how efficient a home is in terms of energy consumption. It assigns an energy rating to each home on a scale which ranges from "A" (the most efficient) to "G" (the least efficient).

Who can issue an energy efficiency certificate?

Just Qualified Engineers registered in Colegio of Spanish Engineers.

Will the technician need to visit the property?

Yes. They have to visit the property to take measurements and collect information about the property before drawing up and certifying the report.

Who needs an EPC certificate?

All properties that are being sold or renting out (even holiday rentals).

Will i be fined if i do not have an EPC?

Yes, the government will fine all properties listed for sale or rent that do not have an EPC.

I've been told by my lawyer that this certificate can be obtained by the seller once a buyer has been found for the property as it can be done relatively simply and as long as the seller pays then there will not be a problem she even went as far as to say that so long as both parties are aware that no certificate has been applied for it can still go to Notary and be sorted there as the money from the sale would be held back to pay for the certificate.
There seems to be yet again so much conflicting information about these rules and regulations that are being introduced here.

Commented Negotiator in La Marina 2013-07-17 16:50:08 UTC

I think not, you have to have this document so that you can sell the property, how are you going to get the new owner to get it when its not their property until you exchange. And you can not exchange until you have it.

Commented OverSeas Property Bureau in Quesada 2013-07-17 17:06:37 UTC

Read my post again at no time did I suggest that the new owner would get the certificate only that the seller could get it once they had a buyer which to me makes more sense

Commented Negotiator in La Marina 2013-07-17 17:14:40 UTC

Yes sorry did not read it right.

You can do it your way as long as it does not delay the sale it would be fine

Commented OverSeas Property Bureau in Quesada 2013-07-17 17:18:51 UTC

The original thinking behind the idea is that the seller advertises a property with a rating. Potential buyers can then view that and see if there is any other properties in the area that have a better rating, thus encouraging buyers and sellers to review the ratings. Although its been very poorly implemented and disorganised, it will come in. Where the need to be an Architect comes in, I have no idea. In the UK its a three day course to qualify and survey costs are about £45

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-07-17 19:12:29 UTC

I wonder how they rate properties here in Spain most houses are not insulated with no loft spaces which I'm sure is how they would be rated elsewhere it will be interesting to see how they are rated for efficiency on saving energy would it depend on whether there is solar heating and if the electrIcity supply has been properly wired. I agree this doesn't require an architect but they use one for all things to do with property here in Spain and it seems to be yet another money making exercise and people will have to pay for it if they want to sell or rent out their properties.

Commented Negotiator in La Marina 2013-07-18 06:38:28 UTC

One of the estate agents here in Quesada, has just rated everything as 'G'

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-07-18 08:37:28 UTC

Haha really I take it G being the lowest score he cd give

Commented Negotiator in La Marina 2013-07-18 08:45:53 UTC

Yes, I must admit I like their way of thinking. I know the procedures from the UK and would you believe its all non invasive. That means you measure the rooms, measure the walls, can assume/guess if the walls are insulated, check the light bulbs and boiler. It takes quite a big hole to work out the quality of the insulation ( i must admit, I've always found the majority of properties in both La Marina and Quesada do have insulation)

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-07-18 13:02:00 UTC

How interesting I didn't know that about the insulation and didn't realise most houses had it here in la marina so perhaps this exercise isn't such bad idea after all

Commented Negotiator in La Marina 2013-07-18 13:26:47 UTC

To be fair, it is rubbish insulation which is normally loose polystyrene sheets and dependent on what the builders had on them at the time. Bearing in mind that they were throwing them up during the last decade. Its just that everyone thinks the test is going to be a detailed study of energy efficiency and in reality its a typical Euro fudge. Like Quesada, I think I could identify about fifteen different styles of properties in La Marina. Once you have done, you could knock them out for fun.

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-07-18 13:50:11 UTC

I had my Villa inspected a couple of weeks ago.I really don't give a monkey what my rating is, In fact anything higher than a G would be a surprise. My problem was,the cost of the survey, I have a three bedroom two bathroom Villa,of roughly 116sq. metre build,I checked six different companies for the survey,prices varied from 150 Euros plus tax to 450 Euros including tax.Seeing as I was buying a piece of paper,I took the lowest price,as soon as I knew it was legal.(apparently the con. merchants are into this already),I didn't realize that after the survey is sorted, the particulars have to be registered,I gather the registering of survey reports,is the way you may be caught and fined if your property is up for sale,or rented out for four months a year or more,and hasn't been Energy checked. Because I am sure ,and I have checked everything I could on this Law .Although the Law is in force, you may be granted a short time to get the Certicate,as the surveyors are very busy at the moment (and getting very rich)but soon will come the time when this Law will be enforced.but if you don't need the certificate for a few months,dont get it done now,prices will tumble when the panic is over.and the Surveyors,are sat in offices twiddling there thumbs and not having any workj

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-07-18 14:04:51 UTC