We've had more cockroaches in our house this year than ever before.
I heard that they have not sprayed this year like other years to save money. Is this right?
Cause if so I wish they'd get there arse in gear and do this importent job.
Last year we had none and the year before only 2.

This year up until now had about 10 of the retched things inside the house.
It needs sorting or there will be an infestation. Even seen them in one of the mane restrants

La Marina

Hi H sure enry
Personally our cockroach infestation this year has been a lot less than in previous years (touch wood).In fact we have only seen one in the house and one immediately outside,Unfortunately they can and do get almost anywhere,I am sure the spraying has been done at least around where I live ,as I remember seeing the brown paper that is stuck around the manholes after a spray takes place.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-08-07 08:08:43 UTC