POSH Closed??????????

last night went past the new pOSH place at nearly 8 and it was shut. No body around. No artist setting eqipment up all in darkness - FROnt doors even padloked.

cAME back past there at 11.35pm and still no sine of life. pOSH WEre adverticing 8 to mid night Karake. what hapend have they closed or what

La Marina

this was open owners were there till 1 am so dont know where you were looking

Commented shell.chris02 in Quesada 2014-05-12 13:22:54 UTC

aT that time 11.35 the gates were locked-padloked all in darkness outside accept 1 person in indoors walking about. iT said on adverticing poster it closed at 12 and it was back to back karake. my qestion was did it open for karake or not as the times i drove by it was closed. as said i went past begining of evening just before 8.00 pm and all in darkness. just wondered if their was a problem that was all

Commented Henry in La Marina 2014-05-12 15:11:44 UTC