Are you thinking of moving to Spain with your family?

Malaga-based relocation consultant and mother, Lisa Sadleir, explains why she decided to write her essential guide, “Moving to Spain with Children”.

Having worked as an adviser and consultant to many families, and seeing all the traps it’s easy to fall into and the mistakes it’s easy to make, I thought why not offer all the knowledge I’ve accumulated in a handy form which everyone can get to read and use as a reference – a complete guide to starting a new life in Spain.

As well as offering up-to-date advice which will help with aspects of moving, from schools and language, to timing, social integration and even pet care, Moving to Spain with Children offers the clear message that coming to live in Spain with your family needs to be carefully planned and thought-out, not done on a whim. The book offers a comprehensive, detailed rundown of all the admin aspects you need to take into account – documentation (of which there is a ridiculously large amount), the health system, bank accounts and starting a business.