Trying to find someone

We came to la marina a few years ago and was helped by a Steve and Sharon we think there surname was mcinerny or mcwhiney ? Steve had served in the British army and they helped us find some accommodation Steve run some quizzes in the local bars all in all a very nice couple unfortunatly we have lost there e mail address so if anybody knows them can you please tell them Chris & Tracy Williams are trying to contact them and our e mail is thanks for any help

Hi Tracey, you have come to the right place!! We are Kate and Ricky from Cagneys bar in La Marina and Steve is our quiz master. Not only that Steve and Sharon were Ricky's next door neighbours in Northern Ireland 20 years ago before they all moved out to La Marina. Steve was in the army and Rick sang in the Barracks for the troops. If we can help then message us at and we will pass any info privately. All the best.

Commented rickyandkate in La Marina 2016-01-17 22:54:52 UTC