Weather for September


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Averages for Alicante in September
Weather lowdown
September is the end of summer and start of autumn in Alicante, depending on which portion of the month you arrive in. The beginning of the month will be much warmer than the end, and autumn is the start of the rainy season so expect regular showers by the end.
There are still around 8 hours of sunshine each day, with average temperatures of 24C and highs of 29C. Overnight, the temperature is unlikely to fall much below 19C. It should still be quite warm and pleasant for much of the month. It’s a similar story across the country with average temperatures of 25C and highs of 32C in Seville. It will be slightly cooler in Barcelona, in the north of Spain, with average temperatures of 22C and highs of 26C. High humidity levels year round in Alicante will ensure the temperature feels much warmer, though it will be mediated somewhat by higher wind speeds and increased rainfall.
Autumn is the rainy season in Alicante. Visitors will almost certainly experience some heavy showers and there’s a risk of flooding at this time. In 1997 nearly 271mm of rain fell over a six hour period, causing flash floods and turning the streets into a river. However, Alicante doesn’t see floods every year. There have been a number of years when the city saw no rainfall at all. On average, it expects rainfall of 41mm over 5 days in September; still more than four times the amount expected in August. There’s also likely to be some hail and thunderstorms at the end of the month.
The rest of Spain will see similarly increased levels of rainfall. Barcelona, for example, expects average rainfall of 40mm over 9 days.
Denia Maria port in Alicante, Spain