Thanks for the help everyone in trying to find us a villa to rent but there does not seem to be a place that will suit us in Quesada so we have started to look in other areas, so again if you know of a NICE BIG place then please let us know.

Also we are looking for a chauffeur with car needs to be a good size vehicle, we would need collect to and from the golf courses each day and then to be on hand to take the wives shopping and any other place they would like to go. Is there such a service in the area.


Hi john I have a 5 bedroom villa in quesada with golf clubs an all u can use to save u bringing ur own also a friend who will take u to an from golf/shops/restaurants if ur interested email me an il send u the details thanks Robert

Commented Robert in Quesada 2011-04-13 21:35:38 UTC