Little Yellow Noddy Car

Just sitting here watching the Bahrain Gran Prix with my 4 year old grandson who has been with us for a few weeks holiday. He had us all in stitches as he was convinced that he had seen Noddies car on the Urb, of course we assumed his imagination was running wild as it can do when you're 4. However we saw the aforementioned car on the road by Dos Mas the other day being driven by an old lady. My grandson is now not only convinced that Noddy and his car are alive and well on the Urb but that he is here on the Urb and living with his Granny! Oh to be young.


Does anyone run an Online Grocery business?

If you do then we can offer you a business advert on ASL that includes a PAGE ONE listing on Google for just 5 Euros a month!
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English Spanish Scandinavian Tv Worldwide Tv

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Air con

Anyone know the price for a regassing an air con unit

San Fulgencio

Fishing tackle shops

hi , i will be visiting for a week in april and i would like to rent or buy some fishing tackle for my son . any advice would be appriciated

British car mechanic

Does anyone know a good British car mechanic who can help with all the Spanish beurocracy involved in getting my car through it's mot? Think it may need a new clutch as well.



We have just heard about poison being put down in the Park area of Calle San Sebastián/Calle Argon,
La Marina Urb. Also processionary caterpillars are on the paths and verde of Calle de Monaco, La Marina Urb.
In Calle Bilbao a dog died Sunday because he ate poison on his nightly walk on the lead!!.
Please take care.

La Marina

I've seen a spraying truck doing the pine trees by me in Oasis this morning. Maybe they are doing the whole urb.


Commented Bob Smith in La Marina 2017-02-17 13:12:02 UTC

More poison found!!!
More pieces of meat were with poison in the area of la marina found.
Near the intersection of Calle Avalon / Calle San Sebastian.
The police have been giftproben seprona, and handed over to the guardia civil.
It was also a lawsuit. We know of 5 dogs by inclusion of the poison.
We ask all dog owners their animals in this neighborhood for a walk.
We've just received word that another dog was poisoned. Avda San
Fulgencio near parque Berlin. Please warn everyone and keep your
eyes open. Also we would like to ask you if you see anything
suspicious please just to write it down, if possible, take pictures
and get a sample in a plastic bag with you. You can do this then
in the guardia civil in guardamar. Ask there to an official of the seprona.
Thank you.

Commented Izzy in La Marina 2017-03-06 17:02:28 UTC


Does anyone know of a florist on the urb
Many thanks

La Marina

Free toddler group, TIDDLEY WINKS

A totally FREE toddler group for expectant mums and parents with toddlers under school age is now open every Thursday 11am-1pm at The Dojo, Avd de las Naciones, Quesada. Everyone is welcome to join this happy get together to share experiences and advise. Come and join in for free.


Hi there! Is this toddler group still on? Thanks

Commented pascual.roni in Guardamar del Segura 2017-02-07 14:11:45 UTC

Iberdrola factura.

A friend of a friend asked me if I know a Richard Bruce Goodrick. Iberdrola always send the invoice to the wrong address. Does anyone know where he lives?

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