Cost of living please?

Is it possible to survive in the Rojales, Torrevieja area as a single person with a passive income of 550 euro a month, plus working part time earning between 200 and 300 euro a month.Also with a rental does the rent normally include any utility bills with the rent.What is the average rent for a 1-2 bed apartment please? Norman.


Depends on the area for rental rates. Torrevieja and Rojales both have their own web pages and I suggest asking on those if thats the particlar area your interested in. Expect to pay €280 upwards + utilities. Council rates are nowhere near those of the UK. Unless you have a part time job already lined up, don't expect to find one in hurry. Working legally as Self employed part time is not an option as your social security payments are high.

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I am also interested in these areas to rent an apartment.I am an experienced therapeutic massage therapist including sports therapy, pre and post op therapy, arthritic massage of many years standing. Do you think there is a need for my services in Torrevieja, quesada, and surrounding areas? Diana.

Commented pamela de Jager in Quesada 2011-11-21 21:57:11 UTC

The area has a large proportion of retired people who I suppose come here for the health benefits and so there may be some opportunities.
In Quesada, sports injuries would probably be limited to Bowls or Tennis. I can't comment on after op physio as I've never had it.

Commented Select Air in Quesada 2011-11-21 23:19:26 UTC

Hello Anonymous Diana,

I will give you the lo down on the areas re massage.. contact me direct via email
[email protected]

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Hi Jason, still trying to contact you via e mail you gave on here, [email protected] I have sent 2 e mails but so far no answer from you? Hope to hear from you soon!My e mail is [email protected]. Last time I made a mistake and put .net instead of .com Thanks Pamela Diana

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