This Sunday 1st of April at 10am there is a MEDIEVAL MARKET at La Herradura Restaurant in Los Montesinos. We will have Jewellery, Face painting, homemade desserts, Artists, wines and home made honey from Vega Baja. If you want to have a lovely morning, do not miss this Medieval Market, we will have Flamenco, and more surprisessssssss.


I see that you are selling things to raise money for your charity which is a great way to get funds, have you ever thought of setting up an on line shop? This would let you sell things all the time and not just at markets.
The reason for asking is that I have experience in this field and would be more than happy to offer my help (free of charge) if you think it would help with fund raising.

Commented OverSeas Property Bureau in Quesada 2012-04-04 08:41:18 UTC

Hi This is Susan - apologies as I have only just seen your post - I think this is a great idea - perhaps you would like to meet? [email protected]

Commented Susan Reader in Quesada 2012-05-19 08:19:31 UTC