Laptop / Notebook / Ipad

I have a poorly laptop, so it has gone to the computer hospital to see if they can repair it!!! But when my hubby dropped it off there this morning, they thought it was going to be the 'hard drive', (oh dear!!).

Not knowing much about them, if I need a new one, would I be better getting another laptop, an Ipad or a notebook.

I tend to use it mainly for Facebook games, contacting our family in the UK on Skype and for emails.

Any advice from people that know would be really appreciated.


Hi linda - glad you got your Sat Nav sorted out - if you took your computer to the shop next to the little Tienda then they will give you good honest advice. If you get an IPAD remember if you take it out and about you will need 3G if you go places where there is no Wifi, but they are not cheap. If you have wifi at home then for what you do on it get an IPAD..but they have some good deals at the Computer Shop next to the little Tienda for laptops and know what they are talking about. Hope this helps.

Commented Souxie in La Marina 2013-08-29 16:32:22 UTC

Coming to La Marina Sunday. Anyone desperate for anything for hand luggage. Steve

Commented cathcook in Quesada 2013-08-29 16:41:10 UTC

Hi Linda
I had a new hard drive on my laptop, I had it done by Alan Computer Fix - 966 762 816, he comes out to you. I think he charged me €120.

Commented Josie in La Marina 2013-08-30 08:16:39 UTC

Hi Linda
I was recently in a similar position not knowing what to replace my laptop with. As I use it for business I was prepared to go that extra mile in terms of cost however after taking lots of professional advice and reading up on the pros and cons, a new lap top was the answer to meet my business and personal needs as opposed to ipad or mac book. I use a lot of apps and many are not compatible with the mac book. My hubby on the other hand says he couldnt live without his mac book. He is a real techie though and does lots of digital work/music and video. We always have the age old argument over Mac or PC but its PC for me every time

I think its always wise to steer clear of "bright shiny object" syndrome unless I am sure one hundred per cent sure I need the shiny object to begin with. Of course I never have this problem with handbags and shoes, I always need them !!!

good luck with your decision


Commented we love it here in Quesada 2013-08-30 20:18:43 UTC

My personal experience with the computer shop was a absolute sham.
Laptop stopped working all together, I think I got water in the screen/keyboard.
Took it to them, they gave me a raffle to let me know of I needed to call just to quote the reff. Well two weeks later I called they told me the motherboard had gone. Well I was still charged the €25-30 euros. What they didn't know was I had stuck glue over one of the screws at the back to actually see if they had taken it apart, well they never did.
I was told that the motherboard had gone and it would of been better purchasing a new laptop.well that was that, 3 months later I get the laptop out and hit power button and bam, it worked. So no new motherboard, they obviously didn't check it properly as it just needed to dry out bit yet they told me it needed a new motherboard.
Always use Iber Tech now. Had no issues with them yet

Commented Andi in La Marina 2013-08-30 20:41:02 UTC

I have had lots of work done to our computers and notebooks by Alan from computer fix. He is excellent and he gives you an honest diagnosis, and he is very reasonable.
Ibertec in consume square next to Temptations are also very good. Unlike some on the urbanization, who charge you the earth, then you have to take it back a few days later because they haven't done it properly or they have made something else go wrong with their tinkering.

Commented Geo in La Marina 2013-08-31 07:50:23 UTC

Wow .... thank you everyone for your advice / feedback, yes I have been told that the motherboard has gone in my laptop!!!! but before I buy anything else, we are going to have a look around and price up the different things, but I do think it will be a new laptop, as I do enjoy playing my games on Facebook, especially cafeworld, which does need to have a flash player.

Commented Linda Reed in La Marina 2013-08-31 10:07:18 UTC

I bought my laptop from the computer shop (next to corner shop) and recently I took it back because it stopped downloading photos from my phone. A young lad said leave it with him for a few days and it would probably cost 30/40 Euros. I said forget it.
My mate came round, plugged the phone into the laptop,swiped the screen on my phone and hey presto, clicked, and my photos were downloaded !

Commented Al Marina in La Marina 2013-08-31 18:29:16 UTC

Well, I got a new laptop ' a Packard Bell, from Media Markt in Elche, got it home and setting it up, realised everything is in Spanish!!!!, but getting through it slowly,only been on it a couple of hours so far, and now posting on this fórum lol.

Commented Linda Reed in La Marina 2013-08-31 18:41:15 UTC

I have used the computer shop a number of times & found there work to be of good quality there charges I have found to be fair ,also I have found the staff there to be pleasant & helpfull & just to point out I have no connection with the above shop just a happy customer.

Commented bluesboytoby in La Marina 2013-09-01 16:37:44 UTC

If you are talking about the one next to the little tienda - then so have I - they are excellent. The other one kept my laptop for 6 weeks for a service !

Commented Souxie in La Marina 2013-09-02 17:08:19 UTC

That is the one I am talking about.

Commented bluesboytoby in La Marina 2013-09-02 20:54:34 UTC

Hi,what is exactly wrong with the laptop,is it booting up to 'windows'if so its not the hard drive.

Commented mgilfedder7 in Los Balcones 2013-09-02 22:54:21 UTC