No Live Music In La Marina for Christams & New Year ?

On Thursday the 18th of December, we held a Christmas party at the Hogs Head La Marina, which started at 2pm & was due to finish at 4pm. I personally checked 3 times from across the road if any music could be heard & I was satisfied that on each occasion nothing could be heard in the street apart from the usual noise of traffic.
At 3.45pm we were approached by the Policia Local Sergent & a junior Policia officer. They told me that they had received a complaint from a neighbour & then proceeded to denounce me.
What concerns me is what the Sargent said next. I quote “soon there will be no live music in La Marina!”
Has this come from the town hall that employs the Policia Local, if so how soon? Does this mean that no one can have live music anymore? Could it be before Christmas & if so what about the hundreds of people that have paid €50 up to €100 for some live music with their Christmas turkey next Thursday, or live music for the New Year ’s Eve party? Could the Autonomic or National Police from Elche suddenly swoop upon La Marina’s bars & restaurants & cancel all live music over the festive season because the premises do not have the correct license (or even worse no license)
What has happened to our town, when you can’t celebrate Christmas with music, Would Mayor Carlos & his party really allow this to happen to the town he is supposed to care for? Because it has already happened to me & our bar!!

La Marina

Now is well and truly the time for our MAYOR MR. CARLOS RAMIREZ. To tell us the truth. That is if he firstly has the guts to do so and secondly has any intention of being re-elected shortly.
If he keeps DUMB we all know only to well what the voters reaction is going to be. Don't we folks.

Commented Have A Nice Day in La Marina 2014-12-19 16:08:11 UTC

Most probably a bit of a stunt so our illustrious MAYOR MR. CARLOS RAMIREZ can come in and save the day? All sounds like politicians playing games with us all. Sam and Jeff are also on that meal ticket do remember. It is all a bit of a disgrace really.
Or perhaps we ought to start excepting that us oldies should start to behave ourselves stay in and go to bed after the soaps?

Commented Alice in Rentals in Spain 2014-12-19 16:53:02 UTC

NOW is the time to stand up for what is right and be counted so everyone can enjoy themselves, DON'T let the killjoys ruin Xmas for those in the area and for all those that have gone to great expense to put on entertainment within the law. THEY wont win.!

Commented 2nd Casa in La Marina 2014-12-19 17:57:41 UTC

It looks like that someone as got a vendetta against the Hogs Head, if the bar as all relevant licences then no action could be taken so I presume that they do not have them. Just a thought the bar next door as all the licences and soundproofed why not relocate and you could have live entertainment 7 nights a week (till 4 in the morning heaven forbid) and stick 2 fingers up to the complainers.

Commented david in La Marina 2014-12-20 09:26:48 UTC

Think you ought to get out a bit and don,t beleive everything you read on here

Commented david in La Marina 2014-12-22 14:29:26 UTC