What you have all been waiting for!
11 de julio de 2015 en San Fulgencio (ALICANTE)
Takes place in the Market area next to Posh Club on the Urbanisation
Spot Rock Arena 2015
Spot Rock Arena 2015 Posted on 29 junio, 2015 by admin Cartel 2015: Horarios: T

Forewarned is forearmed. Last year we escaped to Benidorm for a couple of nights, will I think do the same this year or possible Tabarca Island, found a couple of small B and Bs there.

Commented Alice in Rentals in Spain 2015-07-01 10:06:39 UTC

I think you mean "what we have all been dreading"...

Commented alison in La Marina 2015-07-01 10:12:53 UTC

Some people are really a bit odd, it is obviously aimed at those of that age group who live here? Are they not in the majority? Would of thought that this crazy type of exercise would be the sort of thing that this new lot, Paulino would go about trying stamp it out. Must be a massive Loss leader . For us we will escape away in the camper van, down along the beach area somewhere. As long as cops don't move us on.

Commented Daisy in La Marina 2015-07-01 10:39:05 UTC

At last something a bit lively on the urb.....

Commented Mandy in La Marina 2015-07-01 13:27:15 UTC

Well said Mandy !!! Sometimes I just can't get my head round the mentality of people here,....Some people are only happy when moaning!! so what it's a rock concert,..get over it! Some of us like that kind of music,...How boring would life be if we were all in to the same thing,....Just because it's going against the normal run of the mill music that people are subjected to day in, day out, week in, week out on the Urb, would have thought the apocalypse was nigh, head is in my hands in disbelief

Commented r_moreton in La Marina 2015-07-02 08:41:01 UTC

More power to your elbow. The wailing wall of Jerusalem has nothing on the moaning wall of La Marina.

Commented blarter222 in La Marina 2015-07-02 18:00:49 UTC

Pot kettle black comes to mind,'ve just been moaning yourself about dog poo...

Commented alison in La Marina 2015-07-03 06:40:33 UTC

Well Alison the RockFest is once a year Dog Poo is every day of the year dont think he is moaning just you I have a dog and these owners give us all a bad name if you have a dog or dogs carry bags and clean up and yes I will be going to the RockFest but my dog will not

Commented david in La Marina 2015-07-03 06:58:37 UTC

Alison , what is your problem with blatter 222 he was only saying about dog crap / and owners that don't pick it up!

Commented Poppy in La Marina 2015-07-03 08:18:01 UTC

I have no trouble with blatter, Poppy - you just haven't read all the posts. and David - I have 2 dogs, I pick up after them always but I see quite regularly people who don't..I'm so glad by the way that you are not taking your one to the Rock concert...don't think he would appreciate it somehow.. End of story..

Commented alison in La Marina 2015-07-03 09:01:25 UTC

Now the date and venue for The Rock Fest has been chewed over and decided,is there any news on the Main event and its venue in August????

I heard today its going to be in the top area and not in Consum Square.Any takers,any speculation???

Commented blarter222 in La Marina 2015-07-03 17:38:41 UTC