Driving around locally, we have some lovely round-abouts that have been well planted with trees, shrubs and flowers, and probably the most spectacular, is the one at Guardamar with the huge fountains.
Heading towards Benijofar, we have some more well laid out r/bouts and in particular, the one just before San Fulgencio, (no surprise there then)
At the other end of the Urb (Mercadona, Merca China) we have a beautiful one outside Llidl but just 50 metres away as you enter the N332, we have the poorest excuse i've ever seen. It's litter strewn and weed filled with not a tree or shrub insight.
Who is in control of this mess ? is it San Fulgencio, Elche, Guardamar or the Highways Dept ?
Surely it wouldn't cost much to beautify this gateway to OUR Urbanisation.
I won't hold my breath

Local businesses should be approached to sponsor the maintainance of these local Roundabouts / Entrances. Estate Agents, Mercadona, Garages etc who are advertising on Billboards which are becoming enormous eyesores all over the place. Mind you, the authorities or council will probably try to make money out of any gesture to improve the place.

Commented stevefox in La Marina 2016-02-29 15:18:49 UTC