Lost Residents

Local papers are saying San Fulgencio has lost 5500 Residents over the last 8 yrs, and in the last year alone, 2000 have left.
Some excuses are that people have died, some have gone home and some people only live here part-time.
The Council receives a grant for each Resident but are now complaining that we lost nearly a Million Euros in Grants.

Another excuse which they didn't bother to mention, could have been the harrassing of bars with entertainment on, either Karaoke, Bingo, Quizzes and live music.
A bar I used to frequent was hit with large fines and told not to even have the TV on !
I've got to admit, it's been a lot better lately but perhaps the damage was done.
Sorry, San Fulgencio Council/Police/Mayor or whoever stopped the music, it has now come back and bitten your arse, people want some entertainment, so maybe that's why they don't want to live here.
I could be wrong of course.......

Spot on Big Ed. The only thing you missed out, was that the Council, didnt lose anything, I seem to remember they enforced a big hike in our SUMA Payment, which seems to of wiped out the losses they incurred from the Government payment.The annoying bit is that you can almost guarantee that they will run a publicity in the next year to get those who live in San Fulgencio and are not on the Padron,to get on the padron, this will cau8se many to get on the Padron and the Council will gain in cash terms.Only thing wrong will be the Council will not lower the SUMA, hence they will be quids in.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2016-04-06 10:58:44 UTC

Not on the Padron is one thing. Much more serious is that some people do not bother to be registered as resident fiscals. They just live here and let the neighbours pay for everything!

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2016-04-06 11:58:50 UTC

Hi Reindeer,
Cannot argue with your thinking, But it is a case of who if anyone is telling the truth, Or is that a dirty thing to ask a Spanish Council Mayor, I have just read a local paper and on the 4th April, it printed a piece by your beloved Mayor that apparentley the loss of the money that the Council lost in the recent SUMA was due to the inept Council of 2007, notice how many years ago that was, (about 8)Notice not the last 6 years since when Carlos became chief of the Council, and it appears since then 5000 people d,ebunked but as a typical Councillor, everybody was to blame except him, Come on Mr Mayor put up or shut up and resign

to ask

Commented Alan in La Marina 2016-04-06 12:24:19 UTC

Reindeer, Surely the Suma still has to be paid on any property. If anything, don't non residents have an extra tax assuming the property is rented out sometimes.

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2016-04-06 21:32:05 UTC

Yes Chalkie non residents pay tax on their property on the assumption that it's rented out, the amount of tax is worked out from the Cadastral Value so we all pay a different amount. I don't rent mine out as it happens!

Commented YorkshireLass in La Marina 2016-04-07 05:32:02 UTC

yes you are right. Property tax and the non resident tax has to be paid. But that is not the problem I tried to point at. Maybe my bad English. The problem I am trying to point at is the people who in fact are living here but officially still live in their home countries and pay their taxes there and not in Spain.
A foreign language is not always easy to use. Take Spanish as an example.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2016-04-07 09:40:14 UTC