State of the Urbanisation

Having been walking round the Urbanisation over the past few weeks, It's yet again in many parts, looking a neglected mess. The place is strewn with litter & weeds, graffiti which has never been removed in many areas which gives people the wrong impression of the Urb. Living near the new construction going up its not only builders rubbish but lack of basic maintainance that is the problem. Several times I have passed the street cleaner doing bugger all in his vehicle.
I was under the impression things we're going to improve, with the Residents Association putting pressure on the Council to improve matters, however it appears nothing changes. On the bright side it was nice to see our rates been spent on fireworks in San Fulgencio the other night.

La Marina

Steve, Well apart from that, the amount of "Circus" advertising is totally beyond ridiculous , someone's had a bloody good back hander here, also, animals shouldn't be locked in cages, only to be let out for the amusement of humans, they should be back in their own environment.
Torrevieja has just banned circus animals.

Commented Al Marina in La Marina 2016-07-23 12:35:52 UTC