Does anyone know about the local elections that are going on? I would like to vote but need to understand a bit more about what its all about. I have heard that some English people are standing this sounds very interesting, I did not know we could do that. I need to know more. Are the English people Spanish citizens and do we need to be also to be able to vote or just resident? Does anyone know?

You have to be a citizen of the E.U. and be an official resident in Spain registered on the local Ayuntamiento padron, when its election time you will receive your voting card and the address of the voting office, usually a school or other local public building where you cast your vote.

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Okay it's that time again, Sunday the 22nd of May local election time. Your chance to make a difference, if you are eligible to vote you can have your say. If you have voted before ignore this, if not, here is a brief explanation:
1: On polling day go to the polling station, if you live on any of the urbanisations, that will be the centro municipal, plaza blanca, in front of Goyo’s, between 9 am and 8 pm.
2: Have with you your voting card if you received it (not essential) and your passport, or residencia and as much ID as you can muster( you can never have too much paper)
3: You will find there are 3 voting tables called mesas, if you have your voting card it will tell you which table (mesa), if you don’t have the card then you will have to look through the lists which are hanging up to find your name and which table to vote on.
4: The voting envelope, in the polling station there is a booth, in the booth you will find envelopes and lists, choose the list which you wish to vote for (example; PP) this list has 24 candidates, fold the list and place in the envelope, VERY IMPORTANT Only 1 list per envelope, you must not mark in any way the list, your vote is 1 list in 1 envelope there are no pens in the booth because there is no need, do not underline or put an X, no marks whatsoever.
5: On the table you will see a transparent plastic box this is where you place your vote, when you approach the table you will be asked to identify yourself, hand over your ID the president of the table will read out your name and several scrutineers will mark you from their list, that way you only vote once, you then place your envelope in the box.

That is it you have voted
But who should you vote for …………. Coming soon

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