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Are you Legal in Spain?

Are you driving legally in Spain?

Spanish Authorities are clamping down on illegal foreign plated vehicles in Spain and awarding heavy fines for cars that have no road tax or MOT. The campaign aims to stop tax evasion by foreigners who use their UK registered vehicles on Spanish roads . Offenders are told to resolve the situation within 5 days or their vehicles are seized and placed at the disposition of the Customs Authorities. Malaga is the worst offender and since the traffic department began their campaign back in November last year over 200 drivers in the province have been fined.
Subject to conflicting opinion your car can still be insured without road tax or MOT but legally all owners of UK registered vehicles, if being driven on Spanish roads should have current road British road tax and MOT. If you have neither then you risk having your car impounded and a heavy fine.
If your car is permently staying in Spain then you need to have it registered here. We can provide this service and if you require a quotation please email or fax us a copy of the registration document plus your NIE certificate. Dont wait to be caught, it can be very costly.

New Improved Benefits from Major Insurer

Liberty Seguros offers the best car policy in Spain for Ex-Pats and have now introduced improved benefits for all their new policies. Improved benefits now include a courtesy car in the event of any accident for up to 35 days (after car has been in garage for 24 hours) and up to 45 days for fire or theft. Also courtesy car for breakdown and repair if vehicle has to be in the garage for 7 days or more, courtesy car up to 35 days.

· 30% discount on installation of a tracker.

· Assistance coverage includes lost keys forever.

· Benefits are included in all covers.

· Protected no claims on all covers

· Competitive Prices

· Fire and Theft plus Comprehensive covers - Up to 500 euros of personal possession cover if stolen from the car plus in the event of a total loss claim, value of the car plus 30%.

· Policies are in English, English helplines and customer service is excellent.

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