Maroc Challenge

Next month, a couple of local lads calling themselves La Marina Raiders, are engaging in a 2000 km trek across North Africa in order to take much needed supplies to the Sub Saharan Children of the region. The are setting off from Javia in a Nissan Patrol and hope to complete the entire journey without problems. The stipulation by the organisers of the Maroc Challenge, is that the vehicle is pre 1996. Our lads are looking for sponsorship from businesses and donations. The items required are: Childrens clothing (New or 2nd hand), Shoes, socks, hats and gloves, drawing books and A4 paper, pens and pencils, small to medium sized chalk boards and chalk, soft toys, dolls and games, nappies for babies and including baby toiletries and baby wipes. If you want to help these two guys out as well as the Sub Saharan Children, please contact Brian Hampshire on 617704379 or email [email protected]. Our Office have agreed to sponsor them and we will be available to collect any donations from your good selves. This is a humanitarian exercise which we can all get involved in.