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Jeff has answered critism, of the rumours that he somehow organised the power supply problem in La Marina on Saturday evening/night,in retaliation for the regular bars not putting up prices to the same as the two bars next to the stage which were run by the organisers of the sound and lighting company used to organise the Fiesta.The pewer supply failures were caused by the breakdown of one of the four main cables that supply the area,this caused an overload on the other three,which lead to the breakdowns in supply.
So to any doubters Jeff had nothing to do with the problem.The Firework problem was outside of the Councils control.
Jeff also states if you think something needs to said why not go and see him

Thanks for the info. Jeff it does make sense.
I have a couple of things to mention,
1,was the arrangement for the bars alongside the stage the same arrangements as the Rock concert,held a few weeks ago,as thec set up seemed very similar,as were the exorbitant prices being charged and the method of payment,( Iwas certain that beforehand you had mentioned that Dos Mas were running the only bar in the rock concert)
2Just as a matter of why I do not come and see you with any queries I have,and that is that i used to until you gave me some information to a question i asked,and your answer did not have the ring of truth and neither did your body language.I wrote a comment on this forum regarding our meeting,you then counteracted by putting on this forum that I had told a blatant lie,Unfortunately for you I had told the truth.But I only allow a person to do that to me once,so to make sure that it never happened again I only put questions to you in print,That works O.K.except many remain unanswered,in fact nowadays you only answer the ones that are in your favour,It may well be they are the only ones you feel are important enough to answer.
YES the fiesta was a great success and Sunday nights one was great,I cant wait for next years one when you and your staff will have to surpass yourselves to make next years fiesta better than this year.Just one piece of advice would it be able to promote the Fiesta early and perhaps further afield next year in order to promote La Marina as the place to be

La Marina

As you know Alan I do not normally answer on this forum, but on this occaision, as I do appreciate you honesty, I will.
In my opinion the way the stage bars were operated over the weekend, did not take cognisance of the prices that were the average, of the surrounding bars. They did however follow the pattern of Dos Mas from the Rock Arena Concert, although nothing to do with Dos Mas.
As far as advertising things earlier is concerned, it is very annoying and very frustrating that because we are trying to do everything in an open and transparent manner, we have to go through so many beaurocratic hoops before we can even advertise. Maybe we should plan for next years fiesta as soon as we receive our budget for 2013.
On a brighter note, Everyone is invited to attend the Medieval Market, which is coming to Marina Urb this coming Friday for three days. It will be situated in the area around the Social Centre and Tourist info Office. Starts at 7pm.

Commented Jeff Wiszniewski in La Marina 2012-08-07 12:11:10 UTC

Thanks for your open answer to my points Jeff,and are much appreciated.
Also good to hear about the Medieval market this coming weekend,The more of these things we have the more it will bring La Marina to the forefront.Hopefully more of these things to come next year.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-08-07 12:48:03 UTC

Hi Alan I have to comment and say credit where credit is due. Jeff and his councillors have organised a truely lovely fiesta this year. The entertainment was so good and the atmosphere was great. Most people I've spoken to had a great time, especially on Sunday. OK the fireworks experienced a hitch...that could happen to anyone it's one of those technical things but what we did see of them was lovely. The power cuts are a nuisance and Iberdrola really do need to get a grip but that's something I'm sure is being worked on.

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Here is a very interesting response to what councillor W left on his blog.
Again another persons point of view that was left on another forum.

I often voyer-read this Forum, and Jeff's blog after coming across it.
I find both sources very informative, mostly impartial, and worth the read.

But I don't feel that the essence or undertones coming across in the ink below are befitting of someone in this position.
I honestly beleive bad conversation and or tones, generates similar responses.

So here we go again, the rumour mills has started once again,without the perpetrators having a clue what the truth is.

So if you don't know the truth,why not just make it up, that seems to be the level of some people.

The story about me forcing the bar owners to up their prices or I would cancel the Fiesta is absolute Rot.

If you really want to know who was being held over a barrel, go ask Chris or Allan at J,s and Temptations.
Or, here is a quirky suggestion, why not come and see me instead of posting rumours.

I would also like to thank all those who came along and went away with positive thoughts about the Fiesta.


What a terrific way to introduce the blog; by presuming all readers are in the mind set of his 'against'...

And this posters "level", is ?

Hardly the way to verbalize and present yourself to the masses.

Charming in that you would drag other peoples name into 'your blog'. You mention coming to 'see you' as oppose to posting rumors... I have never met you and already feel I would never wish to either. But thanks for the impression you have now set, for me.

Nobody is really interested that you have thanks to end of your Blog, after all the public venting you have made above. I am not sure that the blogs' purpose is to tackle your greivences on such a detailed nature. In closing, Negative points are sometimes as valid as Positives. Extroverts need Introverts in their life, and consiquestly - with Negatives do come Positives.


Not really looking to generate a mass thread here, Forum, just very dissapointed in the level that someone is willing to go to; in order to vanguish their daily toil and or duty. ( ..slides the keyboard away.. )

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in the interest of openness and transparency..., it would be interesting to read your response?

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