Judge orders files from the current council

I copied this off a local forum. Now it seems the current council will be under investigation as a judge has ordered San Fulgencio to see the files.
So could this council now be on the verge of corruption.

Investigating Court No. 1 of Orihuela has required the City of San Fulgencio sending files relating to the award and contract services organization parties urbanization La Marina for the years 2011 and 2012, and the documents relating to the payment of said contracts to the contractor.
The request by the head office of the court in these cases is a result of the complaint filed by opposition groups to detect a number of alleged irregularities in the award of contracts for the holidays. The opposition groups, PSOE and Apsfu presented last February a complaint with the anti-corruption prosecutor for alleged irregularities in the award of the service contract for the organization of festivals and was a court oriolano that opened the preliminary .
The complaint, signed by Trinidad Martinez and Mariano Marti, directed against components of the Local Government Board, composed at that time by the mayor, Carlos Ramirez, and councilors Pascual Sempere, Pedro Gonzalez, Concepcion and Jeffrey Castell Wiszniewshi Witold. Also directed against a government advisory team. Now the City Council has sent dated Dec. 12 the documentation required by the judge.
Both representatives of the opposition claimed in the complaint to Attorney have detected several services which included the statement "were recruited prior to approval as demonstrated in several local government boards," according to the text, which was accompanied by several minutes of the agreements.
Similarly both the PSOE and included an affidavit Apsfu "where it is shown that before the award of this contract was already publicizing events contained in the sealed envelopes of the company that later proved to be the winning ', including mentioning Post a junction with the posters, or social networking events with the program in several languages. According to the complainants, the mayor took the award given by the Procurement empowered to exempt the payment of several events that appeared in the economic proposal that proves winner, "benefiting the company and damaging to the City" according to both speakers.
The text explains that "it is physically impossible for the contractor to organize the festivities, before he proceeded to the signing of the contract, had in his possession some of such quality and leaflets translated into two languages ​​with the mayor greets and the complete schedule of the holidays, for which there was no time material to perform. " The complainants also added a criticism of the mayor who was accused of it impossible for them to have supervised this contract or its administrative record.
Following the complaint by the court records oriolano of opposition groups highlighted that "the lack of transparency in management has led to Ramirez den unexplained episodes like this when it takes legislature."
Just as critics' double standards having made the holidays and employers with austerity in the village, without even get to put lights on the streets, while developments in the area, where it supports the pact maintained as mayor, if that were done Christmas events. "
Also both socialists and take the opportunity to remind Apsfu popular mayor that "this waste is not new and it spent twenty thousand euros at a party to celebrate the anniversary of the Queen of England" or that spending on consultants and councilors has increased during the last year.

La Marina

Andi, It is hard to believe that with all the cut backs in street lighting, with the consequence an increase in robberies and burglaries, people having their medical cards withdrawn, and Town Hall employees and contractors having to go onto  virtual part-time work over the Christmas holidays, yet this council has paid out 20,000 Euros for the half day Queens Jubilee 60th anniversary celebration!
I wonder what the total cost of the Christmas eve fiasco was at the Social Centre. All done in order to maintain the PP - PIPN pact!

Commented Roger in La Marina 2013-01-26 06:57:48 UTC

Yes Roger and dont forget the 20,000+Euros they wasted on the Rock Concert.Or the 5000Euros on the Fireworks on Fiesta weekend,that packed up half way through.We can go on forever about our money being wasted by this Council,but no one does anything about it.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-01-26 08:59:42 UTC

And they are planning ANOTHER Rock Concert this summer. It beggars belief.

Commented Ispy in La Marina 2013-01-26 11:32:00 UTC