Rock Concert Over

Well as it says its over now you regular contributors on here can find something else to moan about if the council did everything you wanted i bet you would still complain

La Marina

So David can I take it you are not a regular contributor to this Forum? Perhaps you are just a lurker (a person who reads but does not contribute) or perhaps an anti bar person (just reading your latest contributions)or a heavy metal fan,or perhaps someone who likes to think he nows what everybody will do next because a few people complained about the unnecessary amount of noise till 3am in the morning. You even talk to Paulinho about bar noise,Why I don't know,As far as I am concerned Paulinho is Councillor for Parks and Gardens,surely if you want a realistic answer,Speak to Jeff Councillor for the Urbs and Fiestas,Borja Alonso Councillor for Youth and Culture.Or of course the Mayor he is on the Urb most weeks for two mornings.But you speak to Paulinho how did you find out it was he that phoned the police after two people supposedly phoned him about noise from a bar in which he claims was a fair distance from them
(first question would of been if they were a fair distance how the hell did they know which bar it was.couldnt they even of been on a mobile tn any bar. You listened to this supposed reply from the Councillor and you didnr think to question it. Then you come on here and say we wouldn't be happy if we had everything our own way.You excepted the rubbish answer because that is what you wanted to hear.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-07-14 15:23:25 UTC