I noticed when I passed the other day that the old Poppies seems to be having a lot of restoration work done. Does anyone know what Poppies is now going to be and when it is due to open?


Commented Myra Davis in La Marina 2013-10-25 07:24:12 UTC

Sorry Myra, can't help, but on the same theme, work is taking place on the "old" Picasso's Restaurant, any body got any news.

Commented Al Marina in La Marina 2013-10-25 09:00:46 UTC

Picassos is going to be an Indian the same people who own the Indian in Benijofar and Catral

Commented sue in La Marina 2013-10-25 10:38:41 UTC

Hello Myra,
Poppies is going to be a Spanish disco bar & is due to open sometime in December.


Commented Dell in La Marina 2013-10-25 12:05:00 UTC

Thanks Paul

Commented Myra Davis in La Marina 2013-10-25 13:08:06 UTC

Do we really need three Indian Restaurants ? Let's hope it is better than the other two. Friends went to Posh Palace a few weeks back at about 8.15 and sat at one one the several empty tables outside only to be told that they were not serving anyone else till at least 9pm -- because they had just had a party of 14 turn up!! SO WHAT ? Do they want customers or what ? Needless to say my friends got up and went elsewhere .

Commented Ispy in La Marina 2013-10-26 11:53:18 UTC

Working in a busy restaurant I can sympathise and understand that restaurant owners can not afford to rota too many staff on any shift unless they know that they are going to be busy. It's not cost effective for them to have staff hanging around with nothing to do and no money coming in the till. So if my partner and I go out to a restaurant and haven't made a reservation we don't mind waiting to be served. We have a drink and enjoy each other's company. I would always recommend that if you want prompt service then make a reservation. What is worse is people that make a reservation and don't turn up! The proprietor may have extra staff on duty and money is lost.

Commented Myra Davis in La Marina 2013-10-26 13:18:53 UTC

Posh Palace best Indian restaurant by far including many I go to in Brick Lane in East London
I fail to see how you can discredit them as they told them the truth.
Obviously another pointless moan, and fowl to see why you want to tell the world
that your friends didn't book but the restauranteur was honest on how long they would be served
as they was attending to the people that had booked that evening !

Commented FOX160 in La Marina 2013-10-26 16:23:52 UTC

Well said Myra - why do people only want to moan on this site and what is worse they name names and could cause businesses serious problems - what are they trying to prove, and who do they think they are..

Commented Souxie in La Marina 2013-10-26 17:24:46 UTC

It was very sensible of the owners to inform your friends about a possible delay. It enabled your friends to make a decision to stay or leave, far better then just letting them hang about without knowing what the delay was

Commented rose in La Marina 2013-10-26 17:40:50 UTC