Scandanavian Biker bar

Hello, my name is Axsel, my brothers and I are opening up a motor cycle club bar upon Urb La Marina. We have visited this area many times and participated in local biker groups and tours. We have viewed the comments on this forum and we are not going to have live music, but we will have internal music (which our solicitors have informed us that the licenses are in place). We welcome clients to come in and see us and please do not be intimidated by the large biker men and (some ladies). We hope to be taking over the Chief O'Neils bar later this year. Please bring your Harley or, race bikes up on Thursday evening next week to meet us. Hopefully we shall have 30 - 40 Harley riders present. Thank you.

La Marina

HAHAHA luv it, hope this is not a wind up (brilliant if it is) x
Will you be open till 5am ...........Harleys departing at 5am .........BRRRRRRUMMMMMM

Commented luvmylife in La Marina 2014-10-17 14:30:43 UTC

Can I join with my lambretta ?

Commented Golfer in La Marina 2014-10-17 15:00:13 UTC

I would be most interested in what your opening hours are going to be. Do hope it is going to be a civilsed closing at 12.00. The thought of Harleys in the middle of the night is more than some what frightening. And I am a Harley lover!

Commented Dreamer in La Marina 2014-10-17 15:35:43 UTC

We are looking for bar people who can speak some Spanish - Scandinavian would be an advantage. Over 21 years old. We are not looking for people who just want a bar job. This involves everything to do with a bar. Cleaning, washing up, table duty and being able to think on ones feet. If you feel that you would be intimidated by motor cycle club members who do sometimes get loud and demanding, please do not apply. Training will be given. Our other establishments are always full and it can get very hectic. Please submit your CV or letter to [email protected]

On other comments: This establishment is open to everyone and that includes people who ride what ever machine. (I would not bring the scooter up here though) Some of the clients do take offence which I can not be responsible for.

Just to notify those who are concerned. When we ride out on our bike runs, we do not DRINK. Anyone caught drinking before is dealt with and barred. Yes, bikers do drink we can not stop that. but I think you will find that most of them behave. The interior music will be of course Rock music. No live bands or Karaoke. There will be our own security team. One of the team will watch over our bikes and visiting motorcycles. Please ask questions as we like to be informative. Please do NOT sit on any bike. This is for your own safety. You can take pictures if you so wish.

Our opening times will be All Day until midnight. We will have two bike meetings per week. One of which is for MEMBERS only on Thursday evenings. This lasts for 2 hours. Open floor Monday evening at 18.00 and Thursday evening (members only) at 18.00. The bar will be open at 20.00 on these days. The Sunday Breakfast run will be meet at the bar at 10.00 Oclock with a controlled rolling start at 11.30 Breakfast will be traditional Smörgåsbord.

Commented Axsel in La Marina 2014-10-17 16:04:47 UTC

Just out of interest are you connected to the group of Bikers who used to do the Christmas run all dressed up in Father Xmas gear? There used to be nearly a hundred of them they used to look great as they went past.

Commented Ian in La Marina 2014-10-17 16:35:57 UTC

I have nothing against Motorbikes but, I hope the Bikers will adhere to the speed limits especially if they are using Calle Monacco/Calle Dublin to leave the Urb on their jaunts.

Commented Caroline in La Marina 2014-10-17 17:31:07 UTC

There you go I just new all the idiots hadn,t gone back.Open a BAR and Ha ha harley owners don,t drink yeh right.Do.n,t they call these scoots in the States .

Commented Reg in San Fulgencio 2014-10-17 18:11:16 UTC

Valkyrie Crusade
October 23rd, 2014 18:00 - 23:59
The Valkyrie Crusade bike meet along with Hedningarna Gotaland MC invite all Harley riders and bikers, plus enthusiasts to participate in our first general Bike Fest. (Ego's and Patches are welcome) This is a FREE BIKER meet. Please use the surrounding bars and restaurants and discuss relevant interests along with our new business venture. The gathering will be at around 18.00. We have welcomed The Blue Angels (Police Bikers). Lets enjoy a wonderful evening and a local ride out to Almoradi Town returning via the campo verde. Enjoy Axsel. "Live life full Throttle"

Commented Axsel in La Marina 2014-10-18 13:37:23 UTC

Roll on next Thursday ,some say its a wind up, some say its not .next Thursday evening should tell.
I think it will please a lot of people either waty

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-10-18 14:46:33 UTC

Well I am impressed these guys are with it enough to have even entered their forth coming event into the Events section.

I must comment also on the fairly new poster gent up here on the forum flagkilo who stated. "Very amusing. A bar that you encourage clientele not to drink. With that business model you should last as long a the other fly-by-nights that have come on gone."
I can assure you as an ex Licencee Publican and night club owner myself that the profit on non alcoholic drinks is in fact greater than Alcoholic drinks. However I am not very convinced that none of these guys will abstain. Hate to say it but this organisation could breath a certain amount of new life back into the area. Hope locals give them a chance.

Commented Ian in La Marina 2014-10-18 14:53:53 UTC

The non drinking for the bikers, Is only before the Bike Runs. So I gather the bikers will have a couple of Coke Lights(ha ha)before runs and a few beers after.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-10-18 16:00:21 UTC

Well I recon that I have just seen them all going down the hill past our premises. 103 Bikes in all of which about a dozen were scooters old Vespas I think? Plus a good selection of Older veteran cars, plus about a dozen bright shiny old minis. They all looked like a happy little group many waved over and smiled and a few honked even.

Commented Ian in La Marina 2014-10-19 11:11:37 UTC

In regards to your comment We have welcomed The Blue Angels (Police Bikers). You have not.
In fact the Blue Angels MC Spain have had no contact with you or your group.
We also take umbrage with the words (Police Bikers). Associated with our name. The Blue Angels mc are an MC club with a history and 51 years behind us. We have no connection with police, law enforcement what so ever.
Feel free to call or email me if you don’t understand. You will find details on our web site.
Spike Vice President BAmc Murcia Chapter.

Commented spikehablo in Quesada 2014-10-20 08:18:14 UTC

Hola Axsel, our friends have just walked past what was Chief O'Neills and said it looked derelict, with no doors on the building etc. Is this correct, as an earlier comment said you were opening at 18.00 today and we were coming up there is evening for a drink.

Commented Linda Reed in La Marina 2014-10-23 14:38:55 UTC

Think you will find it was a "wind up" Linda.

Commented Caroline in La Marina 2014-10-23 15:34:26 UTC

Would you care to tell us which bar did this windup, a lot of us had a wasted trip and we would like to point out the error of their ways to the wind up merchant. WE don't take kindly to being dragged in to other peoples stupidness

Commented spikehablo in Quesada 2014-10-24 06:40:08 UTC


This is getting serious, are you trying to say a certain unnamed bar invited a crowd of bikers to the Consum bar area knowing nothing was laid on for them, and this was just to upset and wind up the guys who live VERY close to the Consum Bars, basically trying to organise this as a revenge tactic, just because people have complained about loud music???

I for one would name the bar, let the Bikers know who is trying to cause trouble, however I can only suspect what Bar it was, however I doubt even he would stoop that low. Then again it could just be some idiot trying to cause trouble, lets face it, it could even be someone who lives out of earshot of the Consum Bars.

Commented Golfer in La Marina 2014-10-24 13:14:10 UTC

I have no intent on becoming embroiled in what seems to be a lot of bickering between the local neighbourhood idiots.
If anyone would care to email me on our website and give us the details of Mr Stupid so we can and WILL come back to your area and talk to this person.

Commented spikehablo in Quesada 2014-10-24 13:51:09 UTC

Name them and your problems will go away. Guaranteed.

Commented spikehablo in Quesada 2014-10-24 13:59:52 UTC

The only way i know it was a wind up is because i work in the Charity Shop next door and the place had been emptied of all fittings and even the rails around the patio taken down apart from that the outside was very messy so they could not possibly have been opening Thursday night. I don't know or care who did the winding up, i was just stating a fact to Linda.

Commented Caroline in La Marina 2014-10-24 16:35:39 UTC