Jeff, A few days ago Paulino Herrera, stated on this Forum that you did not understand Spanish Politics, , and that you were trying to mislead the voters.
The reason he said this was because he claimed that you made a comment on your blog, which you obviously did not make, You should of put him straight then, but you chose to not defend yourself against his obvious false statement.
Today you have a pop at PP as it appears the English version of their electoral programme is deplorable
The fact that they were telling blatant lies about what you said, showed that they were getting worried, and what do you do Do you take advantage of it,?.
Do you hell as like, You throw away any advantage they had given you, with a silly childish remark.

La Marina

I would say some things are better ignored they only detract from the job in hand .

Commented rose in La Marina 2015-05-14 20:41:29 UTC