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Can you bars on here start completing the Events for June, as its me birthday in June, plus we have lots of friends & family over from the UK, really would be nice to start planning where we are going, so far there's a selection of 2 dates 5th June D Day celebration at the Hillside & 25th June La Marina Golf society summer dance ??
So please could you let us know whats happening, or if there's any Mini fiesta's planned in June? (if the new PP party will still allow them).

Thank you.

La Marina

Hi Dell the hillside will be starting our summer program of entertainment with live music Friday nights ,karaoke Sunday night why not visit the bar for lots more , also the Aquapark will be open Monday June 8th at 10 am hope to see you soon Colin and Susan

Commented colinhampson1157 in La Marina 2015-06-02 19:54:41 UTC