I just for the third maybe fourth day bins over flowing I will
Take photos tomorrow and get them published, it is disgusting, my husband sat on the terrace yesterday and watched a feral cat run into the Verde rat in mouth plus builders across the witnessed this and were amazed, not the first time we have seen rats, three houses have been renovated we thought yes street is getting better but more rats now what has happened BINS not being emptied SUMA going up 20%la marina is going to the dogs, what will happen when we all sell our house which a lot of people are doing at next to nothing stuff the council that don't give a damm, so many elderly people breaking arms and legs because they won't repair pavements or roads which we have to walk on, yes last year they did a quick fix to get votes but its going back to the norm, la marina is very scruffy and I feel embarrassed still
I love the life style but its putting people off coming here, that means income will be spent in other areas and countries, that's all for now I will follow up with the council just watch

La Marina