The prosecutor’s office will provisionally ask for sentences of between five and six and a half years in prison for his illegal detention and for other injuries sustained while he was held

The events occurred last year, when the victim allowed two of the suspects, a man and a woman, to lodge temporarily with him in his house in Torrevieja.

After a few days, the host told the couple that they had to leave but they allegedly refused and locked him up in one of the rooms.

His confinement lasted for thirteen days, during which time colleagues of the couple also moved into the house, taking it in turns to keep an eye on the man.

The prosecution also alleges that they even attacked him on several occasions, to the point of breaking a rib.

The public prosecutor is demanding sentences of five years in prison for three of the accused and six and a half years for the other three, because in addition to the crime of illegal detention, they are also accused of assault.

According to the Valencian TSJ the trial will start on Monday in the seventh section of the Court of Alicante, which is based in Elche, and continue through to Wednesday.


I was following this I wonder what terms they got

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