Red Card for Dog fouling in Torrevieja

The mayor of Torrevieja, Jose Manuel Dolón, has told the Local Police to increase their vigilance in respect of urban cleanliness in the city, particularly regarding the matter of the defection of dogs that is left behind by their owners.

He said that he is a great animal lover himself and there is absolutely nothing wrong with owners taking their dogs for a walk but when they foul the mess must be cleared up and not simply left behind for people to walk in.

Dolon said that articles 15 and 22 of city regulations show that hygiene must be maintained in the city and that the excrement must be removed without fail.

The Local Police imposed just 8 infractions in 2016 but now, after a summer focused on other priority services, he has asked them to enforce municipal regulations and both warn and punish the owners of dogs where this is appropriate.

The mayor also requested members of the public to politely but firmly encourage irresponsible dog owners to clear up after their dog. “However, if you don’t feel that you can approach someone,” he said, “report dog fouling to the local police – particularly if you know who is letting their dog foul regularly.”

In December 2015 the mayor promised that he would clamp down on anyone who didn’t clean up after their dog had defecated in a public place. He promised there would be no mercy and that offenders would be hit with fines of 3000 euros.

The promise came from the Los Verdes leader, whilst he was under increasing pressure from residents to remove all of the ‘Pipican’ and WCcan’ facilities in the town.


I think people who don't pick up mess should be fined as it may deter them in future

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-06 10:22:11 UTC