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EU Insurance offer the best in Private Health Care packages. From Private Health and dental plans, hospital benefits, critical illness, income protection and now offer the services of Simplecare Health Services.

Simplecare Healthcare is not an inclusive healthcare plan. Simplecare offers world-class medical care saving 40-70% on Hospital Cost and Physician Fees. Starting at 12 euros per month for individual cover, enjoy complete in and out patient treatment care at contracted rates reserved only for the Major Insurance Companies. Some of the people who can benefit from this plan:-
Clients over a certain age who are unable to get private medical insurance (there is no age limit)
Clients who have been refused medical cover due to pre-existing conditions (there are no exclusions)
Clients who are covered under the social security system but can have access to the private sector if the need arises at discounted costs.

Some of the major hospitals included in the network are Santa Elena, Quiron, Marbella Highcare International to name but a few. Further information on request.

EU Insurance are dedicated to providing the right policy for your budget and needs. If you have an insurance policy due for renewal soon why not let us give you a quote, you may be pleasantly surprised. We always try and save our existing clients money at renewal and work hard to provide a personal service

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