Street Lights

Thought we would have a change from noise and illegal bars think everyone is getting paranoid.
The question is what do you think about the council turning out the lights at 12 midnight to save money and then having the cheek to start a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme they are creating a burglars paradise.
What will they do if someone catches a burglar and gets injured in the process are the Police going to patrol the streets where the lights are out more(ha ha) frequently or are they going to set up controls to catch the motorists or even check on the noise in the illegal bars

La Marina

I lived in Eastern Europe for a few months and the street lights were always off at night, the problem was that the country was in such a state at the time that people would steel the drain covers, needless to say a few people would disappear down them.
I am not saying La Marina is the same but the roads in some places are nothing to write home about so I see a few trips coming up and I do not mean to the bars

Commented Charly in La Marina 2012-04-27 21:38:19 UTC

Well at least somebody is interested and making a comment not like the anti noise and bar moaners I thought this would have got a greater response but until it is your road with no lights then lets just slag off the bar owners

Commented david in La Marina 2012-04-28 12:53:52 UTC

Where we live we have no Street Lighting..But a few of us have outside lights that come on if soneones about.
What about if they turned off every other light on the URB, Just a thought...

Commented Poppy in La Marina 2012-04-28 13:26:26 UTC

David this has been happening to us on Oasis for some time and they alternate the streets so some lights are on occasionally. You can imagine how dangerous this is when walking around at night because of the state of the roads and pavements around here. Lots of us complained to the council and eventually they started to switch them on but this is very recently and we do not know if it will last.

Commented Negotiator in La Marina 2012-04-28 17:39:49 UTC