I have a little dog she is small but im going back to england and cant take here with me im in la mata .I was hoping that someone would have here she is very sweet does like other dogs loves a cuddle carol

If you are still looking for someone to take your dog, you need to put more details on the site ie is she spayed, vaccinated, chipped etc, what age is she, what type of dog is she.

Commented Maz in La Marina 2012-12-06 18:02:57 UTC

I would love a little dog for company in my villa. I do own 2 grown up cats, so do you think your dog would get on with them, eventually. Is it spayed, had its innoculations and other necessary stuff, as I am a pensioner so funds are limited. I could afford to feed a little do well and give it a lot of love and attention. Let me know if it is still available, I live on the La Marina urbanisation.

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-07 18:04:15 UTC

you might be better getting in touch with one of the charities to put it on their facebook page theres quite a few on face book

Commented linda in La Marina 2012-12-09 11:40:38 UTC

I suppose there must be a valid reason why you would leave a loving pet behind, but this does make me feel sad and somewhat annoyed.

So many pets are abandoned in this way. The charities are already overrun with animals and it makes me wonder what the fate of this pet will be if it isn´t found a home (or shelter).

You should also post a photo

Commented mail.irenedavis in Benijofar 2012-12-09 16:49:54 UTC

I do walk the dogs for the SATS charity, I thought if I adopted this ladies small dog it might do us both a favour, was all.

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-09 16:51:27 UTC

it takes 2. This lady hasn't abandoned her dog. She's in the situation where she can't take her pet with her. She's appealed for help. If you can't give it say nothing. I had a dog left by neighbours and the charities couldn't help as their shelters were full.
Hopefully Senora Alto can help.

Commented mazza in La Marina 2012-12-09 20:28:54 UTC

why can't you take her back to England with you???

Commented pinkforgirls1 in Catral 2012-12-09 21:12:59 UTC

I am more than willing to help and if I was the lucky person who took this dog on it would be very well looked after, have a loving home, be well fed and walked. It would need to get used to having cats around occasionally, which I am sure I can overcome with patience and time. I wish this poor lady well, as she must be upset at not being able to take her dog to England. Some people assume we are all rich and can afford to do anything, when the case is, we are usually managing to live in Spain by being frugal, as am I myself.
I am hoping with crossed fingers I get to meet this dog as we will know instantly if we are going to get alone.

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-10 08:24:57 UTC

... and if the dog is half as warm hearted, non-judgemental and caring as you are Senora Alto, then I am sure she will be extremely happy. You are a shining example to the rest of us.

Commented mail.irenedavis in Benijofar 2012-12-10 09:21:48 UTC

thank you so much Irene DAvis for your lovely comment.
I think of myself as the norm, a lady who loves animals enough to want to do her best to help them in any way she can.
I sincerely hope I am lucky enough to at least get to meet this animal, and hopefully have a chance of taking him on and caring for him.
I have a lot of love to give to everything and everyone. I wish now that I had the time I had the money to open a kennel so I could help at lot of animals all at once. Alas I live on a state pension, frugally, eat in and socialze sometimes,not often.
My two cats are extemely healthy and happy and will this morning feel they are really where it is at, as they tuck into my left over lunch and dinner from yesterday.
Hopefully I can teach my new addtion to also enjoy human food, as I believe a varied diet keeps animals health.
Best get some work done this morning, as I may just be contacted today, if I am very lucky, to go and meet this animal.

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-10 09:33:34 UTC


I've just been reading this thread and it seems the lady who put up the post regarding her dog has not been back on.
If you are after a lill dog would it be better approaching Pets In Spain, SATS or K9 to see if they have a small rescue dog there trying to re-home.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-12-10 10:02:05 UTC

I am not surprised that the original poster hasn´t come back on - she´s been somewhat lambasted by other posters. They may believe they are justified, but without knowing the lady´s circumstances, I´m sure that if I was her, I wouldn´t dare lift my head above the parapet!

Commented mail.irenedavis in Benijofar 2012-12-10 10:15:49 UTC

MAZZA. I thought the whole purpose of these posts was to view your opinions, otherwise what´s the point? We have a rescue dog and cat ourselves so I think this qualifies us to make a comment on the subject along with anyone else as I believe we still have freedom of speech? You only have to speak to any of the animal charities and they will tell you that many are left as result of returning to the UK. After all a pet is suppose to be for life!! We don´t appreciate you telling us what to do!

I wouldn´t presume to tell anyone what to do. All I am saying is there may be another side to this story. I agree that some people seem only to willing to abandon their animals (we too have a rescue dog that was left here by an English lady who hadn´t even bothered to get the basic vaccinations for her three dogs, let alone a pet passport) but there are some who may be forced to go back to the UK for a million possible reasons. I have a friend who has been pulled back to the UK because he has alzheimers and he lived alone here, if he had had any pets, I don´t think his family would have willingly paid for their transportation. And then there´s a lot of other reasons for animal abandonment, including heartlessness. I try not to be too judgemental until I have the facts, that´s all.

Commented mail.irenedavis in Benijofar 2012-12-10 12:58:36 UTC

I have enquired several times to adopt a dog from Petsinspain and they take their dogs to the Veterpets, who charges for the treatment she has given the dogs. At this time I not have E135 to put my hands on, it being Christmas and everything.
I walk dogs for SATS and the small ones they have in do not appeal to me, they are either a bit snappy, a bit too lively, too old or too young.
If I where the lady with the dog I would have been back on here to defend myself, as people can be very judgemental without knowing the full facts.
Yes we are still allowed freedom of speach but it would in my opinion to be prudent and get the full facts before speaking out.

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-10 13:27:33 UTC

Hi. I'm sure she'd get on fine with cats, she's very gentle and loving, loves walks and cuddles and loves playing with other dogs.
She's had all of her injections but she hasn't been sprayed...I'm quite willing to pay for this to be done though. I don't have transport so getting her to a vet - there isn't one in La Mata - presents a problem! As long as she's going to be loved and cared for is my main concern...and of course there would be no charge for her should you take her. She's quite tiny and doesn't eat a great deal. If you're still interested, is it possible for you to get to La Mata to meet her...if so, please let me know and I'll give you my address and you can arange a date and a time that is convenient to you.
Thank you.

Commented carolschoices in La Marina 2012-12-10 13:50:43 UTC

At last a comment that may yet have a happy ending.
Best of luck to carolschoices and Senora Alto.
Hope it does work out for both of you

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-12-10 14:03:11 UTC

Alan please could you email me cheers

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-12-10 14:04:05 UTC

Senora Alto. I had a tooth removed last week and have been in bed for 4 days with a swollen mouth! I have read some of the nasty comments on here and can not believe that people some people can be so judgemental and cruel! You don't know my circumstances and to make judgements about me is both cruel and vindictive. I am not a 'hard' person...I will be very upset if and when my little 'Honey' goes to a new home...I'm sure that who ever takes her will give her the love and attention that I've shown her in the 8 months that she's been my 'little baby'. Please don't judge me! I am breaking my heart whilst typing this...I wish my circumstances were dififferent, but they are not.
To those of you who have posted kind, heartfelt comments and who haven't judged me I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Commented carolschoices in La Marina 2012-12-10 14:04:27 UTC

Thank you Allen.
I'm waiting in anticipation for Senora Alto to get back to me...I'll keep you posted. She sounds a lovely, caring lady!!

Commented carolschoices in La Marina 2012-12-10 15:02:46 UTC

Carols choice......maybe if you post your phone number on this site, señora alto will be able to phone you.
Señora alto.....same applies, a phone number makes things so much easier. Good luck to both of you and especially the little darling who needs a new mom!

Commented Maz in La Marina 2012-12-10 16:45:32 UTC

Senora Alto. My phone number is 966925544.

Commented carolschoices in La Marina 2012-12-10 17:33:39 UTC

Thanks Maz...hopefully she'll find a new home with Senora Alto who sounds a very compasionate lady.

Commented carolschoices in La Marina 2012-12-10 17:36:48 UTC

Take 2. You don't know this lady's circumstances. She was appealing for help. She didn't deserve to be castigated, she's obviously in a situation where she needs help. I have a rescue dog and we were lucky that we could afford to fly her here. Not everyone is so lucky.
Enjoy your pets and pray you're never in that situation. I believe in free speech but I also believe that we shouldn't judge, especially as we don't know the lady x

Commented mazza in La Marina 2012-12-10 21:11:28 UTC

Buneas dias Carolschoices,
I am annoyed to say the least this morning, as I believe you have your wires crossed. I am the kind lady who offered your precious little dog a home, not the one that berated you. That was another person.
I have never in my life judged anybody, as I live by the saying, there but for the Grace of God could go I.
If you are only incapacitated for a while, with your present condition, pardon me if I have it wrong, but I was under the impression you where returning to England, and for whatever reason could not take your dog, I am still willing to care of her until you can at a later date have her shipped to England to be with you again, or take her home again here in Spain to live with you.
I can honestly say this is the first time I have volunteered my time and energies to help someone in need, reacted to in this manner.
I can imagine how distressed you feel, as I own two cats, neither mine, but I have had days, due to my chronic conditions when I have felt so ill, I myself have had to live on crisps or chocolate as I was unable to focus or stand to make myself a decent meal.
I have managed to get myself outdoors, where my cats are fed and ensured they have their food and water.
If I for any reason found myself without funds, I would cook something that I could share with my cats, who love human food, so that none of us went hungry. My animals come before myself, even though they are not rightly mine. One I fostered for a fortnight, around 6 years ago, I am still awaiting the owner collecting her lol, and the other belonged to my ex partner, who went back to England and left him with me.
I hope you can read through past comments on this subject and realize you have had a go at the wrong person, all I have done is defend you on here and have asked the person making the nasty comments to get the full facts before making judgements.
I do not know what else I can say except I feel very sorry for your plight.
If you need my help I am living on the La Marina urbanisation and could take honey into my home for however long it took for you to be in a position to take her back again. I own a small old car, which I could perhaps visit you at home so you could see if Honey woudl take to me, which I a positive whe would, as I dog walk for SATS, and every dog I walk is happy to be with me for however long the walk takes.
I intend to adopt a dog from them when a suitable one comes in. In the meantime I saw your pleas and thought I could perhaps do us both a favour if I adopted your precious pet.
I hope you improve, and that your pain has now subsided.
Good for you coming back onto the site to put your perspective forward, but sorry, you told the wrong person off.

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-11 06:30:14 UTC

sorry Allen I believe I am put the wrong name on my reply to you.
I am Dee and live on the La Marina urbanisaton.
My mobile number is 634359028, should you with to speak to me, so we can resove this issue.
Have a nice day Dee

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-11 06:32:50 UTC

Dee. Although I put your name at the start of my post, believe me when I say that there is no way that my comments were directed at you!! As you have probably noted I have thanked two people on this site for their assistance and mentioned that you apear to be a very kind and compassionate lady. I merely mentioned about being bed ridden as the reason that I hadn't responded to any posts.
The property that I have to return to in England, do not allow pets - of any kind - that is why I need to find her a loving home. Please accept my apologies if my post upset you...I can only repeat that my remarks were NOT directed at you Dee. Lines crossed indeed. My number is 966925544.

Commented carolschoices in La Marina 2012-12-11 09:21:06 UTC

Hi again Carol, we all get confused at times, me more than most sometimes.
I feel bitterly sorry for you wishing to take your much loved pet with you but now being able to.
If you allow me to meet your dog and to visit her or take her away from your home to mine for a few hours, or whatever suits you, I can assure you she will be very well cared for and very much loved, as it is in my nature to love.
I am pleased we cleared up the matter of you not having a go at me, as to be honest I am a very quiet lady, but will stand up for the underdog, and myself now, as life has taught me, sometimes I have to.
I am just in from a long sit in the doctors waiting room. Why he is running so late and every day is a mystery, mind he does take a lot of time over each patient.
Nothing much wrong, well here is, but why dwell on what is wrong with oneself. I am alice, I feel okay on myself in spite of this horrible chest cold, so worrying is not going to make chronic conditions any better is it?
I do not know how you are on yourself right now Carol, and apologise for deing forthright and defending myself, but I did have a go at someone on this site, who was judging you, and asked her to wait before she judged before making nasty remarks, and she came back with she had rescued a dog where the owner had just abandoned it to the streets and gone back to England, so this had coloured her reaction, as she did not want it to happen to another animal. Fair enough but that is judging everyone by the same standards, as we are all different.
I will let you go for now, I have your numebr and will have a bring myself around for my doctors appointment, with a nice mug of coffee, then I will give you a ring. In the hope I am not disturbing you if you are poorly in bed.
Have a nice day, I will get to you, asap, Dee

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-11 10:01:24 UTC

Thank you Dee. I'm so glad we sorted the confusion out...sorry to hear of your illness...I too have spent periods of feeling very unwell but thankfully of late have felt a lot better. I've recovered from my ordeal at the dentist, so you won't be disturbing me. I'm looking forward to meeting you and am praying that my little 'Honey' will give you as much pleasure and love as she's given me. I'm sure when you meet her it will be love at first sight!!


Commented carolschoices in La Marina 2012-12-11 10:55:34 UTC

there is no excuse not to take your little dog with you, i brought both my dogs back to the uk,its your responsabilty to care for her and keep her,this use to happen so many times when i lived out there and it makes me sick wanting to dump your pets, you dont leave your children, so why is it different? sorry to be blunt but i love my dogs and it would of broke my heart to of left them,A DOG IS FOR LIFE

Commented gonefishing007 in La Marina 2012-12-11 10:55:35 UTC

What would you have her do? Live in a shelter? She has said that the place she is going to live in the UK won´t allow animals. She obviously doesn´t have choices.
I love all animals, but please don´t put them in the same category as children - that´s utterly ridiculous.

Commented mail.irenedavis in Benijofar 2012-12-11 11:00:20 UTC


Commented gonefishing007 in La Marina 2012-12-11 11:02:32 UTC

You made that choice. I just don´t understand your obvious anger (posting in capital letters denotes shouting!!!). It´s a very sad situation. What you were able to is obviously not possible for this lady. At least she is trying to find her pet another home and has not just abandoned it. Give her a break.

Commented mail.irenedavis in Benijofar 2012-12-11 11:07:06 UTC


Commented gonefishing007 in La Marina 2012-12-11 11:08:00 UTC

well a dog is part of your family if you love it

Commented gonefishing007 in La Marina 2012-12-11 11:11:28 UTC

Well I have heard that this forum can be really judgemental and now it has proved itself as so.
Everyone please give this poor lady a break, She is doing what she can to ensure her lovely and much love dog is going to a very good home. Believe me this dog is a very lucky one for me to have found out about its plight and offered to take it on, as my home will equal what the dog is used to and in no way be somewhere she has been shoved, to rid the owner of a problem.
I sincerely feel for this lady, being a sensitive and caring person myself, as myself had to leave a cat behind when I emigrated 15 years ago. I had no idea one could get the animal innoculated and pet passports and stuff, and should have enquired. At the time I was myself in a bad place, my whole world had fallen apart. My children gone, my home, my business, so I took the advice of the man I was imigrating with and found a decent cattery and put my much loved cat in there.
He later confessed once he knew it was impossible for me to get my cat back, that he had misinformed me so I would find another home for my cat, because he was jealous of the love I showed the animal, so had ensured it did not come to Spain with us.
I too could have been judged but was not.
On returning to the U.K. out of necessity I went along to the cattery to re adopt my lovely animal and he had already been homed.
If any of you are still unsure if this dog will get a good home contact me, give her time to settle in until the New Year and pop along and see her. I have nothing to hide.
Thankfully the owner is happy for me to take her dog, as much as I am happy to take it.
Yes we will have to get to know each other, but I am a pensioner so home more than I am out.
Please nobody worry about the animal she will be fine, I bred dogs for 25 years and know what I am doing.
I am going to make arrangments with the owner to visit her to meet her dog, but alas I have a prior appointment for this afternoon, so perhaps it will be tomorrow afternoon before I make it.
I hope this reassures everyone that has voiced opinions and concerns, all is well that will end well.

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-11 12:06:27 UTC

Can we hope to see a photo sometime soon?
I fully back your comments.

Commented mail.irenedavis in Benijofar 2012-12-11 12:10:02 UTC

Well gonefishing007
At least you have stopped shouting for now.
How lucky are you,you lost two houses here a few years ago,but could still pick and choose where you was going to live,unfortunately not all people are in the same position as you appear to of been.
It seems that both the ladies involved (Carol and Dee)show more love for animals than you will ever know yourself,
To Carol and Senora Alto,I wish you both the Best of Luck,and hope that when both of you plus the little dog in question meet up,that all three of you are happy with the outcome.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-12-11 12:36:01 UTC

Thank you Alan for your kind post. I will ignore the judgemental comments from those who do not know me and my situation...they are, what I believed are termed, cyber bullies! Hiding as they do behind the anonimity of their keyboards to spill their nasty doubt in the 'real' world they woudn't be brave enough to voice such spiteful and ill informed opinions and give the impression to those that they know that 'butter wouldn't melt in their mouths'. I will keep you informed about little 'Honeys' progress and wish you a Very Merry Christmas. xx

Commented carolschoices in La Marina 2012-12-11 15:54:21 UTC

Gonefishing007. And you don't think MY heart is breaking? I have already posted that the property to which I'm returning to in the UK do not allow pets of any kind. Perhaps you'd prefer that I live in a tent at the side of a road?
Your judgement of my character is unfounded...perhaps if you'd bothered to find out my circumstances instead of spilling your bile from the anonymity of your keyboard, your claim to the moral high ground would then have had at least SOME it is, you have merely demonstrated a 'holier than thou' attitude which is crass to the extreme and fools no one . Your comment re 'you don't leave your children'[sic] was another attempt to prove your moral superiority which clearly demonstrates the underlying shallowness of your psyche.
Perhaps in the mean time you could expand on the statement and inform me of a local authority in the UK who don't permit children in their property.
No? I didn't think so.

Commented carolschoices in La Marina 2012-12-11 16:27:12 UTC

good for you Carol, it amazes me how brave people are when sniping behind someones back. I believe they themselves are existing and not living the life they would like to, so snipe at others they see as downtrodden who will take it, thereby, make them feel good.
I had occasion to fall out with a woman i thought a good friend, she was saying such nasty stuff behind my back until one day I took her to task about it. She went ballistic and her language was vile. I merely sat and listened to her, then when her rant was over, I said well thanks for just confirming what I had heard about you, I no longer wish to be associated with you, so please do not get in touch with me again, as I am afraid I will not be responding.
We have not spoken now in months and this women still keeps rearing her nasty head to spout her vileness and try to get me disliked/.
These people are not worth worrying our heads abut, my tack is to ensure I always look my best when out and about and to wear a smile no matter what is going on inside.
Bye for now Senora Alto

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-11 17:02:30 UTC

I would like to add that after reading through this post, that it just goes to show how judgemental and nasty some people can be.I wish both of you all the best with what ever you do with the dog.

Happy xmas and great new year to you both.

PS funny how the nasty comments all come out but the xmas greeting to all that I posted a few days ago did not get any, this forum is turning out to very nasty due to some ungrateful, moaning, vindictive people I already know people that will not post on here due to the keyboard warriors that are just cowards with a sad life cowards

Commented 2nd Casa in La Marina 2012-12-11 17:17:39 UTC

I´m gunning for the goodies! Be nice everyone

Commented mail.irenedavis in Benijofar 2012-12-11 17:20:17 UTC

Thank you Irene for your lovely post. I did mention that I was going to ignore peoples nasty remarks...however the longer I thought about what they, especially gonefishing007!! the angrier I got. How dare this condecending individual be so wicked?
There is a thought that bullies only bully because no one stands up to them...cyber bullying is the worst type of this behaviour and I don't believe it should be encouraged by simply ignoring it. Perhaps the owners of this site could make it known that they're not going to allow it to continue and will edit and if necessary delete rude and offencive posts.
Anyway, I feel much better for getting it all off my chest pluss I'm looking forward to meeting Dee tomorrow...she sounds a truly lovely and compasionate lady...I'm sure that my little 'Angel' will be happy and content with her, and that she'll bring as much joy and love to Dee's life as she has to mine.
Have a Very Merry Christmas.
Carol xx

Commented carolschoices in La Marina 2012-12-11 18:38:15 UTC

........ and I hope that you have a good Christmas, too.

Too many people just abandon their pets in the street etc. I think that you showed great love for yours in trying to find a home for it.

People who make judgements - without knowing you - are not worth bothering about, So don't give them a second thought!

Good luck with your new life.

Commented spanglish in Quesada 2012-12-12 00:22:13 UTC

Buenas dias Carol is it, I would love for you to give me your address and tell me where you live as I cannot see me being able to get to meet you until Monday, what with one thing and another. I do not know if weekend would be okay with you as I do not know your lifestyle and what you do each day.
I am trying to sort out a short break in Benidorm for Christmas, no worries Honey will be fine with my lovely neighbour Freddie who will take her into his home and care and love her as I will.
I am so excited I have told everyone I am adopting a dog, of course I have had the fors and the againsts lol
I still do what I feel is right no matter what others say.
Let me know your address and how to get to it, and when it is convenient to call by to meet you and your lovely dog.
Bye for now I ought to be knocking on with my chores as I have to go out today and need to unknot my hair after having extentions removed and shampoo it.
See you very soon hopefully,

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-12 07:44:42 UTC

gone fishing. How dare you judge when you have no idea of the circumstances. She's been honest and has explained that she has to re home her dog. She's acting correctly and appealed for help on here. I've never met such hostility towards a person when we don't know her situation. I have nothing but admiration for her and hope she can find a loving home. Pl;ease give this lady peace

Commented mazza in La Marina 2012-12-12 11:18:37 UTC

Im sorry you feel that way about me, but ive heard so many stories about people giving up their pets,and im sorry that you have got to give your Honey away,but you must realise how dog lovers on here feel about it, whilst i lived there on the Urb i use to take in stray and unwanted pet dogs and try to get them homed through Sats, i even rescued abandoned puppies that were under the drains,even thrown into the canal in sacks,some already dead, thats how it was when i was there from 2001 to 2009, so im sorry that i got annoyed about your situation, people should think long ahead wether they can keep a pet, so i hope maybe you can be reunited one day with the pet you loved and both be happy together again , once again please forgive the way i came across on this forum im not a nasty person as you may think maybe i just love animals more than people, they are after all more loyal

Commented gonefishing007 in La Marina 2012-12-12 11:22:08 UTC

Hi Dee. When ever is convenient for you is ok with me...if you wish to come at the weekend then that's fine.
As you come into La Mata from the motorway, continue down the hill towards the sea. The road that runs parallel with the beach is Calle Major. Turn left - 'Pub Mango' is on the corner - and the large building on your immediate right - with circular columns - is number 4 where I live.. 'Maxcoop Supermarket' is at the other end of the same block of apartments. Parking outside is not permitted, but there are usually plenty of spaces on the oposite side of the road.
The entrance to my apartment is directly opposite 'Sun Shoes', which itself is next to 'Pub Mango'. The actual address is...
Calle Major 4,
2nd Floor No 19,
La Mata.
The entry bells are on the left wall.
If you get lost - I trust my directions are understandable lol ! - please phone me and I'll come down to meet you. You have my landline number but I'll give you my mobile number as well...671360275.
See you soon,

Commented carolschoices in La Marina 2012-12-12 12:59:02 UTC

Thanks for your moral support Mazza. Dee apears to be very excited about adopting my little dog!! No doubt it will take her a while to settle in - I just hope she doesn't pine?? but I have to tell myself that she'll be kept busy, exploring her new home and garden and receiving lots of love and cuddles from her new adopted 'mum' !!
As you probably noted 'gone fishing' has posted an apology...I give her credit for that, but couldn't help but notice that she apears to like animals more than people?! Her 'loyalty' comment makes me think that she has perhaps suffered a trauma, or at least been 'let down' by someone in her life which has left her feeling a tad bitter. I believe we get from people what we ouselves give THEM...perhaps she needs to look closely at why she finds it necessary to come across as being judgemental, especially to people that she doesn't know from Adam.
Anyway, be that as it may...sometimes it does us all a power of good to be made aware of our shortcomings...I'm the first to admit that no one is perfect. lol
Have a lovely Christmas. I'll keep everyone posted on 'Angels' progress. xx

Commented carolschoices in La Marina 2012-12-12 13:24:49 UTC

Buenas tarde Carol, I too noticed the apology from gone fishing and quite rightly so, none of us have the right to judge others unless we have walked intheir shoes.
If you can let me know your address and directions if it is difficult to fine, perhaps I can make arrangements to come and meet your little Angel and start the process of getting to know her.
She will eventally settle with me Carol as I am an ex dog breeder so have had hundreds of dogs and puppies to contend with.
Let me know if you know yourself when you need for Angel to actually leave your home, so that we can sort something out.
Bye for now, and yes I am excited at the prospect of owning a dog again.

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-12 14:42:34 UTC

What a commendable thing for Gonefishing to do. It´s not easy to climb down but it has been done wholeheartedly and very humbly. Well done.

Commented mail.irenedavis in Benijofar 2012-12-12 15:39:23 UTC

I taught my 3 sons that takes a big person to apologise when in the wrong, this man did it so eliquently.
I think he let his past experiences colour his comments, he really ought to have found out the facts before acting on his feelings.

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-12 15:45:56 UTC

Oh dear Senora Alto. As an apology has been made and comments withdrawn you should let the matter lie and not criticise!

Commented mail.irenedavis in Benijofar 2012-12-12 15:55:42 UTC

Pardon me for having an opinion, I was merely pointing out this man had the decency to apologise, not critizing at all.
I am fast coming to the conclusion this this site is filled with people who like to have a pop at others.
Still if that what they enjoy.

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-12 16:41:15 UTC

Carol I was going to make a comment but could not think of one. I am sure Dee will give the dog a good home and animals are quite adaptable if they change one loving home for another. It is the owner who will be the most upset having to give her dog away. Best of luck to everyone concerned and Dee not too much Steak Pie. Cheers Adam.

Commented violet in San Fulgencio 2012-12-12 17:17:24 UTC

Hi there I feel so awful for my luck at finding a lovely small dog to bring into my family, when the owner is going to be broken hearted at her loss.
I can only promise to let this lady have updates on her pets antics and to send her regular photographs.
Should she ever be in a position to have her dog back I would be willing to allow this to happen.
I had best go for now and brave the shower, even though I have not managed to get warm all day.

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-12 18:11:05 UTC

Hi there Carol, I am unable to get in touch with Mark Lewis on your behalf as I am unable to get out to top up my mobile which is out of credit. He is on 0034 654027748, so suggest you give him a call, can you just say you saw his details on a forum, so that he does not know I am involved as he helped me get treatment for one of my cats when she needed spaying. I am sure Mark will help as he is very kind. Dee

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-28 18:19:30 UTC

Hi could you phone me with your address pls and i will pick up honnys things 966925544

Commented carolschoices in La Marina 2012-12-29 10:27:56 UTC

Ladies.....I thought this was all sorted I sensing a problem?

Commented Maz in La Marina 2012-12-29 16:17:18 UTC

Hi Carol, Dee here, I hope you did not mention my name when you contacted Mark, pets in Spain, it is no big deal but I did not want Mark thinking I was bandying the rescue centre whilly nilly.
I tried to contact you on the email address shown in the ad to no avail it has just bounced back to me.
I wondered if it would help if I passed on the dog carrier and paperwork to Rose when I see her tomorrow, so she can give it to Mark as he lives next door but one to Rose.
If you want it back, I dare not put my email address on here in case anyone can see, which I suspect they can.
Let me know so I know what to do Dee

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2012-12-29 18:56:58 UTC

This could make a better film than Lassie!

Commented Friendlyviking in La Marina 2013-01-06 09:24:51 UTC

Friendlyviking - Did you have to bring this back to top position again????????

Commented Carol in La Marina 2013-01-06 09:43:07 UTC

Hi Carols good news on Bonny, I hope she is now having happy and much loved life back in the U.K.
Hope all goes well for youself also.

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2013-01-06 10:16:44 UTC

As this little dog has featured on this forum and created a lot of interest and concern can someone please let us know exactly what has happened to her.

Commented Don in La Marina 2013-01-06 10:59:39 UTC

Hi Don it is not really my place to enlighten you but as I intended to adopt this dog I still have an interest in her.
I put Carol the owner onto a friend of mine who rescued and rehomes unwanted and stray animals.
He took the little girl on and she is already in her new home, back in the U.K. and is apparently already settled in and doing well.
So all is well that ends well, as due to illness I had to give back word on adopting her.
I wish the little dog and her ex owner allthe best for the New Year and hope that everything turns out for the best for the both of them

Commented Senora Alto in La Marina 2013-01-06 15:19:42 UTC

Obviously! Otherwise I would not have done it?

Commented Friendlyviking in La Marina 2013-01-06 20:09:45 UTC