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Please beware there are two Spanish girls about and they have tried to get into my house to rob it. Luckily I was in and chased them off. They are in the area off dos mas and the hillside. One is tall and the other is shorter both with dark hair and one had a hand bag. Lock all security doors
Pass this onto your neighbours

La Marina

I live in that area and they came up my outside stairs about 2 hours ago. They saw me and turned back around. Be careful.

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Unfortunately it is becoming more common these types of incidents, is one of the consequences of the crisis.

So we are promoting perimeter security systems, with the aim of protecting people in the interior of the house. These systems warn us when the intruder is in the garden and this is very important to have reaction time before the intruder comes into our house.

We are a company specializing in Torrevieja security systems if they want information without commitment get in touch with us.


C / Apolo, 48, Torrevieja. 03181 Alicante.
Tel: 966 703 519 Mob. 693 303 368 (whatsapp)

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