spanish fiesta wednesday night

is there anyone out there agrees with me that these lound bangs (sounds like a cannon going off to open the start of the fiesta at the top outside supervalue wednesday night ) is necessary well its an absoloute outrage, poor animals how many of you have animals mainly dogs who almost had a heart attack , my poor dog not only trembled but shook in her shoes for 3 hours hiding inside the shower how much more can they take, yes we all like fiestas and appreciate how good the spanish celebrate but come on you councilers be a little bit kinder to all animal lovers and have just one big bag not 5-6 or more , please put some controls in place, also not only animals but human beings as well there should be a limit on noise levels, the spanish are immediately ready to control noise levels on bars so how about bloody fireworks and cannon sounding bangs, moderation please. thank you

La Marina

I agree. Why is it necessary with all fireworks? Unnecessary and expensive. Think of the animals!
(Alan, is this ok?)

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2014-08-14 23:11:05 UTC

Quite by chance on Wednesday evening we came across this Fiesta. Spanish singer was very good, name started with a P***** Cant remember rest it was on a small poster next to the unlit stage by its edge. Lovely atmosphere up on the strip good artiste, fairly full but not overcrowded Lots of spare seats were stacked and not used. Just another one of those events were a license was granted by the Council and neither they or the organising Bar thought to give it publicity. Instead they relied on Fireworks to tell people What a shame lots of holiday makers would of loved to of gone if they had been told. Story line is good enough for a comedy sketch..

Commented La Marina Social Scene in La Marina 2014-08-15 06:27:15 UTC

Feel really cross about this on Wednesday I posted up here asking for extra info on events for the evening and thanks to one kind persons we were informed about the Karaoke at Anandas. BUT why such a secret about the Fiesta being on. and yes I did hear those blasted loud fireworks is that the best they can do? BLOODY AMATEURES Wake up Councillor Jeff thought your operation was better than that old bean.

Commented Daisy in La Marina 2014-08-15 06:41:03 UTC

If this event was hosted by the bar Dos Mas it would be down too them too advertise NOT the council. If this is the case as they said about thier previous event, they didn't see the need to advertise on an English web site.
As for fireworks, they are part of every SPANISH fiesta, always have been always will be. Why should they stop because some ex pats animals are scared ?

Commented luvmylife in La Marina 2014-08-15 07:32:48 UTC

Simple in this modern day and age letting off fireworks is not very useful at all. Perhaps we are all missing the point are these fireworks some kind of morse code?
Seems Spanish bars do not need or want the tourist trade.

Commented Daisy in La Marina 2014-08-15 08:17:41 UTC

La Marina Social Scene - I Believe the spanish artists name was Mano

luvmylife Yep these blooming fireworks are an absolute nuisance. They are actually going off now, so what is the point of that at just past 10 o clock in the morning. They go off at any time during the day and night for days and weeks, so luvmylife you cant tell me that it is just a constant long fiesta.

Plus - yes agree about the poor animals being frightened but they are so loud that they make me jump. Should be done sensibly and they are not

Commented SlytheGuy in La Marina 2014-08-15 08:18:52 UTC

Slytheguy.........have you not noticed, today is a religious holiday, hence the rockets going off.

Commented luvmylife in La Marina 2014-08-15 08:50:52 UTC

luvmylife, sorry you dont like animals or should i say have no regard for them get a life

Commented sisters in La Marina 2014-08-15 08:53:22 UTC

I don't for one minute believe that these music nights are in anyway related to a proper fiesta. I believe these nights are a sensible way for the Council to temporarily get past the rules that mean a temporary music license may be issued by the Council to establishments that do not have the full contingent of licenses necessary to run a business, mainly on a one off agreement.
With that thought, I lightheartedly, explain my thoughts on the fireworks. Firstly it is not only ex-pat dogs that are petrified of the sudden bangs, it is dogs owned by most Nationalities and many other animals as well.when these animals are scared they make a noise,this in turn wakes up sleeping babies, who cry, causing the siblings of these babies to wake up and start yelling for their mothers,who in turn wakes up the Father who then gets up and because he is annoyed at being woke up he goes to the front door opens it and yells as loud as possible, ' Who in the bloody hell is making all that noise out their at two o clock in the bloody morning and waking my kids up, At this point I am normally woken by all the noise and realize it is only two o clock, now that really pisses me off

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-08-15 09:14:28 UTC

Well posted Alan. Wont be many who disagree with that, other than the morons who carry it out, presumably most of the are well and Truly Inebriated at the time
Would love to know from lovethislfe how rockets and Religion are connected. Must of been stuck for a sensible answer.

Commented Hope in La Marina 2014-08-15 09:23:21 UTC

I will say it again THIS is SPAIN, fiestas, religious holidays, call them what you want they go hand in hand with fireworks. You are only allowed to set fireworks off if you have a special licence or IT IS A FIESTA.

Commented luvmylife in La Marina 2014-08-15 10:42:28 UTC

Do you think every person in Spain who drives has a driving licence, or every home built has a licence, or every pub has a licence,and the many hundred other things that require a licence, have indeed got one.
Sorry to destroy your dreams of Utopia, But the answer is some people break Spanish Law and actually do things without the Appropriate Licence or permissions,Fireworks are no exceptions.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-08-15 11:00:01 UTC

Alan, amazingly, we are on the same side on this issue!

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2014-08-15 11:12:08 UTC

Alan yes of course you are correct these nights are a sensible way for the Council to temporarily get past the rules that mean a temporary music license may be issued by the Council BUT why not let on to the public, where and when they are being actioned.Turns it into a bit of a pointless exercise if we are not told. I say the Wednesday night one by chance only. It should of been heaving if people had been told it was on, but lots of empty spaces. Shame thought all bars needed the summer takings. Not sure but dont think it was organised Dos Mas as stage was further up the road. Wednesdays Spanish singer was really good by the way.

Commented Ian in La Marina 2014-08-15 11:28:15 UTC

Yes on this issue it looks like we are on the same side, But don't worry I am sure it wont last.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-08-15 11:38:49 UTC

I gather this do was held by Dos Mas, they normally are when it is on the Strip, and if I remember rightly they didn't advertise some previous ones, I just took it that they are Spanish and that was, who they wanted to attend (nothing illegal in that,) I just hope they remember in the cold dismal few months of winter we have, when hopefully all the Ex-Pats ignore them and eat and drink in the Bars who want us 12 months a year (including many Spanish Owned places) That we to can be piccy where we want to eat and drink.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-08-15 11:47:47 UTC

Wasn!t Wednesday Nit de l"Alba.?.Hence all the Fireworks ...

Commented Mandy in La Marina 2014-08-15 11:55:04 UTC

You are right, but only important in Elche. I have just read up about it and it sounds fantastic, so have entered it into 'my what to do 2015 calendar, I don't think the explosions we heard were from this as the fireworks don't start till eleven and finish almost an hour later, when everything stops and all lights go out for a few minutes (but only in Elche).One thing is people buy their own fireworks (so obviously no licence required for that then) but it shows you can get fireworks.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-08-15 12:32:11 UTC

You decided to live in SPAIN, it is a place to have FUN, if you don't like it get rid of the bloody dogs or move back to the UK to enjoy your miserable lives. It is bad enough what Ricky & Kate from Cagney's are going through because of some nasty individual we don't need our entertainment ruined by a load of moaners. Its Spain, its their culture so get used to it or move

Commented jackieb57 in La Marina 2014-08-15 13:27:41 UTC

Spot on Jackieb57......

Commented Mandy in La Marina 2014-08-15 14:15:28 UTC

Cannot for the life of me understand what you are on about. Almost all the comments on this thread are about the use of explosives (they used to be bangers, in the old days). and how they petrify dogs, and then you put in your two pennorth,and go on a rant about a bar that is being victimized, so tell us do you really think Ricky and Kate and even Dean will thank you for letting the world knpw they are being got at, I am sure that they would of let everybody know, but not until they wanted us to know.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-08-15 14:21:16 UTC

Don't know what Cagneys has too do with it, but well said jackieb57, it is the culture and if you don't like it go back to where you came from and stop trying to change it, do any of you think that for one minute any council is going to stop rockets being set off to celebrate a fiesta of any kind just because somebodies dog is shitting its self in the corner (suppose it stops it shitting on the pavement). Yes I like animals, yes I like entertainment in bars, I know not everything is done legally, there are some things I don't like about Spain but I cant change them so I don't moan about them. Enjoy your life here or return to the miserable whole you came from.

Commented luvmylife in La Marina 2014-08-15 15:11:41 UTC

Well said Jackie and luvmylife!

Commented Poppy in La Marina 2014-08-15 15:48:42 UTC

I would like to bet that a lot of the people that want to stop the fireworks are the same people that moved to Spain because the immigrants were changing the UK. How bizarre.

Commented johnmckernanjnr in La Marina 2014-08-15 17:31:57 UTC

I think they Moaned the UK out .......moved to Spain to do some more Moaning !!!

Commented Poppy in La Marina 2014-08-15 17:46:52 UTC