Information released by the Los Verdes green party of Torrevieja this week reveals that the tax payers of the municipality funded the slaughter and incineration of 246 feral cats.

The veterinary clinic that operates on behalf of the town hall has submitted a bill for euthanizing 246 cats during 2013, at a cost of 4,464.90 euro, plus 1,129.48 euro for the incineration.

The greens unveiled the figures at a press conference focused on expressing their support for the new agreement between the municipality and three animal associations to control the cat population by a spaying and neutering campaign, an agreement aimed at now avoiding their slaughter, which the Los Verdes applaud as a better way of dealing with the issue.

A spokesperson for the Los Verdes said that the group offer “Congratulations to the mayor and the Department of Health for deciding to assume the sterilisation CES program”, which involves capturing and sterilizing the many cats that make the feline colonies in Torrevieja, “leading to a dignified treatment of these animals, that not only have the right to live, but are victims of a society that still sees the rest of complex animals as if they were mere objects”, and therefore, “lacking rights and, what is worse, the most fundamental respects”.

However, to ensure that the town hall don´t revert back to a campaign of slaughter, the Los Verdes are looking for assurances and guarantees that the project will mean a “stop to the sacrificing of cats in Torrevieja, once and for all”, .as has been happening in recent years. Whilst a medium term aim would be to achieve control and reduce the population of these cats, transferring the cost of sacrificing them to a sterilization campaign, whilst also “satisfying also the health problems reported by some neighbours”.

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So, Douglas, are you for or against this decision?

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