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Spanish police warn of ‘powerful’ and ‘highly infectious’ Android phone virus
By: thinkSPAIN , Friday, January 2, 2015

NATIONAL Police in Spain have warned of a ‘powerful’ virus sent via text message and affecting Android mobile phones.

According to the Technology Investigation Unit, the message reads: “Is this your photo?” [¿Es esto tu foto?] with the link[mobile user’s name].

Once the phone user clicks on the link, they are asked for ‘permission’ to install an App called PhotoViewer.apk.

If the App is downloaded, it will allow access to the mobile owner’s address book and their location via GPS.

Downloading the App means a message will automatically be sent to all contacts in the phone owner’s address book, infecting their mobiles with the same virus.

The App does not have an icon, meaning if it is downloaded, the user needs to go into ‘applications’ and delete it.

They will then have to go to the file browser and click on the folder icons until the one with the virus appears.

Finally, to delete it from the roots, the phone owner needs to look for the file ‘com.ccgame.pool’ and delete it.

If anyone receives the message with the link asking if this is their photo, they should delete it immediately, say National Police.

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