Boys from The Blackstuff

Beware,...there's a serious outbreak of tarmac all over the Urb, and who knows, if they find a tin of emulsion at the back of the shed, we might even get some white lines painted.

NOT a happy bunny. They have cut through the Telecable lines and we have had no tv since Wednesday.

Commented jackieb57 in La Marina 2015-02-20 13:30:53 UTC

The tarmacing of the roads is a big botch job. I can't believe what I am seeing. They are putting a thin layer of make-up on the surface without any thought or planning, it will not last more than a few months. Jeffrey Wisniewski, your PIPN party is useless. For four years you have sat in your ivory tower while raking in more than 3000 Euros a month into your bank account.

Commented Don in La Marina 2015-02-20 18:25:02 UTC

I didnt realize that Jeff had anything to do with laying the tarmac,but if you hadn't noticed it looks like it is being laid the same way that most tarmac is laid in Spain, Why you always pick Jeff as being at fault always amazes me Don, I see Jeff as having the least amount of pull on this disjointed Council.
As for Jeff sitting in his Ivory Tower, I suggest you are looking at the wrong building, or you should take a trip to Spec Savers.
My first comment for ages, hopefully I can ignore most of them and treat them with the contempt they deserve.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-02-20 18:59:14 UTC

It's really nice to see the roads been really done ,but what's happening in oasis we just want roads and pavments, work started they laid 12 edging a month ago now nothing,the grass that's growing where the pavments needs curing it's that long what's happening! !!!!!!! Enybody know,

Commented robo18 in La Marina 2015-02-21 06:44:21 UTC

I've got black tar spray all down my VW Beetle. Anyone know how to get this stuff off with out scratching the paint..I've tried lots of soap and a bit of nail varnish remover...No good..

Commented 2Cute4U in La Marina 2015-02-21 12:28:35 UTC

T-cut will do the trick. You can get it or its' equivalent at any car accessories shop.

Commented harrykarry0 in La Marina 2015-02-21 13:35:17 UTC

T CUT will not remove tar. Any professional valeting company will have the correct stuff it is called Tar and glue remover. It will not harm your paint or laquer however nail varnish remover will damage the paint. If it is very fresh it may wipe off with cellulose thinners or disolvente but this is a paint thinner so must not be allowed on the paint for long.

Commented zenophant in La Marina 2015-02-21 13:53:12 UTC

You are wrong about T-cut. I used to work for a car hire company and when valetting we always used it to remove tar residue.

Commented harrykarry0 in La Marina 2015-02-21 15:25:26 UTC

Don I have just read a local forum, and a comment by a certain Councillor , stating that he does not do tarmac and that if the local council had to pay for the work done and the crap way it was done, I am of the opinion the council would not of paid the contractor, as it was the work was ordered and paid for by Alicante Diputante, Hope that makes you sleep better.
On the same comment Jeff states that 15 sealed tenders will be opened shortly to see who has won the Council tender for the laying of roads on the Oasis area. So obviously as the local council appear to be paying for this they will ensure a proper job is done. In my opinion not before bloody time either

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-02-22 17:05:55 UTC

Tar remover, paraffin... White spirit even worth a try...

Commented Steve in La Marina 2015-02-22 18:48:23 UTC