Debra Charity Motown Show

Last night at the Hillside, we had a Motown night with Richie Alexander. Complete sell out and a great night was had by all. Food was fabulous and we managed to raise 700€ on the night.
Thank you to everyone who attended.

La Marina

An excellent night, good food, good company and of course Mr Richie Alexander........ what more could you ask for.

Commented Rene in La Marina 2015-05-14 15:45:25 UTC

Sounds like it was a great. Shame that it was not advertised to the public. Hillside doesent seem to wont to attract people in anymore. I always keep an eye on this sites events section.

Commented Douglas in La Marina 2015-05-14 17:37:36 UTC

Just to put you straight, the event was organised by Debra Charity, and not the Hillside. The event was advertised at the shop in Consum square and was booked out within days, so there was no need to advertise. The charity does have some tremendous nights coming up, and I will make sure it is advertised on this forum. The next big night is the Debra Butterfly Charity Ball, which I put on the forum the other day. Please support this worthwhile charity.

Commented Tommy in La Marina 2015-05-14 18:19:16 UTC