Paulino It appears tha since the PP returned to power with an absolute majority,Some things are occurring on the La Marina Urbs, which seem to be upsetting some of the residents.
Since the electon both you and the Mayor seem to of been very quiet about these `peoples complaints. So I wonder if you can confirm or deny that these alterations have or still are taking place on the Urbs.
The collection of rubbish on the urb is not being fulfilled nightly.
The sewers are not being sprayed in some areas against Cockroach infestation
All Bars playing music must do so behind closed doors and windows regardless of time of day.
The one hour exstension normally given to Bars In the summer In tourist area has been withdrawn by this Council.
The street cleaning of the area has been cut back.
Oasis works not going to plan


La Marina

I would like to second that,and I think it's about time we had the same standards that they have in San fulgencio,iam sure it will take 4 years or more for us to catch up

Commented robo18 in La Marina 2015-07-20 11:30:01 UTC

Well said Alan, the Urb. is looking like a rubbish tip. Some thought for the people who pay the SUMA not the total disregard we seem to have now,

Commented Josie in La Marina 2015-07-20 11:54:30 UTC

The bins are a health hazard, overflowing with the extra influx of people Been here for eight years now and the Urb is going downhill rapidly

Commented Bill in La Marina 2015-07-20 22:48:17 UTC

But remember who voted them IN, you could have done something to change that ! but no moan about it after, now you have 4 long years to moan

Commented 2nd Casa in La Marina 2015-07-21 08:20:52 UTC

2nd Casa,
Why do you and some others, generalize and add nothing to get things sorted
I voted, I even had to go and ask Jeff which bloody table I had to use , because the Spanish had filled the Hall, In case you didn't bother to vote and see what was happening the Spanish were doing two different votes so taking much longer, we were not allowed to join in the Alicante vote. So stop blaming everybody else . PIPN doubled there vote (The only party to increase,APSUE got half, PSOE was well down, Even the winning party got fewer votes) Its gets boring when people say the non voters don't have cause to moan, perhaps they didn't vote but they are still stuck like us p'aying to have a load of wallies running san fulgencio (including the Urbs)When they couldn't organize a P*** up in a brewery. I bet the Mayor and his chronies are laughing that, it is them that is ruining la Marina and people are letting them get away with it,because you are not putting the blame where it lays, and that is at the doorstep of the PP. .

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-07-21 08:53:34 UTC


Commented hcifuen507 in La Marina 2015-07-21 11:05:52 UTC

Your door may be always open, but are you always there ? The questions I asked are general and on local web sites, they are not purely my thoughts, If you could of put the answers on here it would of saved perhaps many people coming to you with the same question. Where as If I come to you, I would then repeat your answers to the people who read local forums, and if by mistake I write something you may argue with, I would be made to be a liar,where as if you put the answers on this forum,which you have done many times for other people, if people don't like your answer, I wont get the blame. I can assure you when I have something to ask you that is private to me I will be banging on your office door. Hope you understand what I am saying, But when the Chief talks about OPENNESS, then to me, the Mayor, means keeping the Residents informed, something he seems to ignore at the moment, but he doesn't have to take the flack, but although most people think you are a nice, helpful polite guy (and I don't disagree) You are the front line man, and you will be the one people blame.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-07-21 11:28:27 UTC

As I said they were voted in, only another 4 LONG years to go and then it can all be changed to what people really want ( live and learn peoples )

Commented 2nd Casa in La Marina 2015-07-21 13:49:42 UTC

I have just read on fb that our green bins will be emptied every night, unless their is industrial action. I gather by this we must of had industrial action, or are due some, perhaps if this is happening now or in the future the council will let us know, Perhaps even use that famous word OPENNESS.
If your bins aint emptied ,aint my fault, just passing on what I just read.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-07-21 15:04:15 UTC

Hi Alan just a thought I do not Know where you came from in the UK but where I lived all council business was discussed in the Town Hall if you had any complaints you went to the Town Hall and made them.They did not do business on Facecrap or Local Forums so any problems get of your arse and go and see Paulhino he is in his office from 10.00am until 2pm monday to friday if you had been you would already know that.

Commented david in La Marina 2015-07-22 07:29:23 UTC

You are not going to like this, but if you read my first line in reply to Paulino reply. I said "your door may be open but you are not always in", or in other I have been and was told he wasn't there. You would also have seen that in my comment ,I explained that the questions were general and not confined to me. If you had read further you would of seen exactly what I said, in that a guy had been to see Paulino about the bins and pavements, the only way he got across to a lot of people what Paulino said was to put it on fb. He as you said got off his arse and did something, and within 2hrs 80 people had thanked him, if paulino had answered my general questions some more people would of been saved the journey to the mini offices and paulino would of been able to have more time to do his job. where as you are doing the job of the pp by criticizing everyone to take away the pressure being attached to the pp because of there inadequacies.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-07-22 07:45:23 UTC

Well Alan that was a politicians reply you did not answer the question so I will presume that I am right so why should this Council conduct there business on F/B and Local Forums.

Commented david in La Marina 2015-07-22 08:16:44 UTC

Yeah... let's put all the blame for the over spill of bins and rubbish dumping onto the council. I mean, we wouldn't want to take any responsibility for our own mindless and inconsiderate behaviour regarding the rubbish issue would we?
The very idea!
Sí... vamos a poner toda la culpa de la derrame de recipientes y vertimiento de basura en el consejo. Quiero decir, no nos gustaría tener que asumir la responsabilidad de nuestra propia conducta irracional y desmedido en cuanto a la basura, problema? La misma idea!

Commented Sonrisa in La Marina 2015-07-22 08:31:24 UTC

Alan (in La Marina) I really do despair of your inaccuracies, half truths, gossip and meddling. Do you ever come out from behind your laptop? Do you have a life outside of your laptop? Apologies if this is coming across as quite rude, but really? I'm quite aghast that you even think that Paulino has the time, energy or inclination to spend hours trawling on FB or gossiping forums, where his time, effectiveness and efficiency is better spent actually doing something more meaningful... his job! Being seen in the community, in the office, in meetings etc. It seems to me as though some people need the namby pamby approach. Let's take NO RESPONSIBILITY for anything, let's demand to be spoon fed, let's take no positive actions, let's be void of any constructive ideas, let's glean as much gossip, spread gossip (who cares what's true or not!) let us just lie back, act dumb and put all the blame on anyone else but ourselves. You'll be expecting Paulino to do house calls next, just to let people know what's going on, whose said what and whose doing what! God forbid people actually take the initiative to pick up a phone, visit the office, read local papers or become proactive in the community itself etc. No? We'd rather sit at home, viewing the world from behind our laptops and relishing and meddling in all the gossip we can find. Good luck to you.

Alan (en La Marina) realmente me desespero de sus inexactitudes, mitad de verdades, chisme e intromisión. ¿Sale alguna vez de su ordenador portátil? ¿Tiene una vida fuera de su ordenador portátil? ¿Las apologías si esto cruza como completamente grosero, pero realmente? ¡Soy completamente horrorizado que hasta cree que Paulino tiene el tiempo, energía o inclinación de gastar horas pescando al arrastre para FB o foros de chismear, dónde su tiempo, eficacia y eficacia son mejor gastados realmente haciendo algo más significativo... su trabajo! Ser visto en la comunidad, en la oficina, en reuniones etc. Me parece como si algunas personas necesiten el namby pamby enfoque. No vamos a tomar NINGUNA RESPONSABILIDAD de nada, vamos a exigir de ser la cuchara alimentada, no vamos a tomar ningunas acciones positivas, vamos a estar desprovistos de cualquier idea constructiva, vamos a espigar la misma cantidad de chisme, extienda el chisme (¡quién se preocupa lo que es verdad o no!) déjenos sólo estar atrás, interpretar mudo y poner toda la culpa sobre alguien más, pero nosotros. ¡Esperará que Paulino haga llamadas de la casa después, sólo avise a la gente lo que continúa, cuyo dicho que y cuyo haciendo que! Dios prohíbe a la gente realmente toman la iniciativa de recoger un teléfono, visitar la oficina, leer periódicos locales o hacerse preventivos en la propia comunidad etc. ¿No? Nos preferimos sentar en casa, viendo el mundo de nuestros ordenadores portátiles y saboreando y metiéndonos en todo el chisme que podemos encontrar. Buena suerte a usted.

Commented Sonrisa in La Marina 2015-07-22 09:03:34 UTC

Sonrisa That is a very blinkered reply. I don't support either side. But you need to get your head round new technology and the way things are now happening. Forums and social media are here to stay. Your Guy Paulino needs to catch up with the times and to learn how to diplomatically make replies. Even the last guy Jeff was some what slow in catching on. One or two Honest replies up here is what is needed. Look at the date on your Calender is it 19**?or 2015? Or perhaps the word honesty is not understood These are just my opinions BUT.

Commented Dreamer in La Marina 2015-07-22 09:31:58 UTC

I read your comment,with great interest,and I will say I was not upset in the least by your remarks. It is your right as it is mine ,to say what you think.
Just to clear ,a few points that you made,I do go to see Paulino, if you look at a comment I made yesterday ,he was not there and wasn't due for another hour, You would of also seen what I have stated to him, that I say what I feel, I will praise him when I think he deserves it, I will also condemn him when I believe he is wrong. You may be an avid admirer of Paulino,and you may think he is perfect, but try asking the man, like I have, and he will tell you he is not perfect. As for him making house calls,the funny thing is,I have an eye problem,that sometimes makes prudent for me not to drive,I also suffer from RA, If you don't know what that is, and your interested look it up.Paulino has offered in the past that if I phone him he will arrange to pick me up and drop `me off,(I have never taken him up on his offer). Again if you had read my recent comments, you would also of noticed, that I collated the moans from comments and generalized them, the point being it would save paulino from repeating the same thing to several people and give him more time for more important things. As for asking him to read FB that was purely in your mind. because what I said was someone went to see Paulino yesterday about the bins not being emptied, Paulino told the guy that the problem was sorted. This particular person put Paulinos reply on a fb page and within 2hours over 80 people had liked or commented on what was said. Which to my mind proves the point of answering just one on ASL could of saved him a lot of time which he could of put to more important things. Let us not forget just whose idea it was for Paulino to answer questions on ASL, Bet you can guess, Yes, you are undoubtably correct it was Paulinho. So don't blame me and many others if we use it for the purpose to which he asked it to be used.
Lastly I have been to see Paulino this morning (one of a few times I have spoken to him) The things we spoke about were as I have mentioned to another comment, wihich slagged me off (He has the right as well as everybody else to do so) When I see Paulino it will be for something concerning me and me only.
I hope you understand what I am about, If you don't, I promise I wont lose any sleep. You have the right to see say and write whatever you like, I can do, what I would advise you to do , .....If you don't like the comment
or the person who made that comment just scroll past it. Or do what you did and tell them so.
Hope to hear from you again, If only to tell me where my half truths and innacuracies are, my meddling is normally I gather when I have an opinion that doesn't agree with yours.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-07-22 09:49:56 UTC

Also pavements are disgusting the amount of People who have fallen especially older folk who break bones, you don't see any one of them getting compensation, my neighbour fell a few days ago, try sue ing them council ha what a joke

Commented sisters in La Marina 2015-07-22 09:57:17 UTC

just to get the point straight, I didn't say a word about Paulino having to read FB, What I said was someone had been to see Paulino about the bins and had put the reply on FB. Secondly Councillors and higher do lots of things by tweets and other computer systems. As for Paulino reading and answering on ASL, Whose idea was that ? Give you one guess ,you got it didn't you, It was the man himself. So a lesson learned don't offer to have anything to do with ASL if you really cant stand the pace.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-07-22 10:15:27 UTC

Alan (in La Marina) who suddenly voted you in as the 'spokesperson' / 'mouthpiece' on the forum? As you point out in your post "they are not purely my thoughts.." ...and..."I can assure you when I have something to ask you that is private to me I will be banging on your office door."
Is it therefore in your opinion (and perhaps you even feel it your duty?) to broach these 'general questions' on their behalf?
I quote from your previous post: "if people don't like your answer, I wont get the blame".
Here's a suggestion... If you don't meddle in issues that don't concern you and allow 'those' people to express their own thoughts and issues then 'you won't get the blame'. Simples!
P.S. as to the question in your post:
"Your door may be always open, but are you always there ?" Are you serious? Do you honestly think that Paulino is sat in the office 24/7. Don't you think that perhaps sometimes he will be out at meetings, or out and about doing other community commitments? I think that what Paulino was merely expressing was the fact that he is always available to people - whether that is in person at the office or via a telephone call. If you have a response to any of the comments I've made, you might have to wait a while for a response back... I have more important issues in my life to attend to - like living it!

Commented Sonrisa in La Marina 2015-07-22 10:29:28 UTC

Dear Dreamer, I'm also not on one side or the other either, and I take your point about the various platforms re: technology and the integral part it plays regarding information and communication. However, just to clarify, the bulk of my frustration stems from the continuous stream of negative posts... 'moaners', 'groaners' and 'meddlers' who seem to take it upon themselves to regurgitate a lot of 'gossip', 'hearsay' and often complete nonsense. There has been a lot of minutes/hours lost of my life reading some of this drivel, so much so that I have come to the conclusion that you can't argue with stupid and stupid never changes!
Of course people come to the forum with their own agendas. I just hadn't realised that it was being utilised as a platform by people whose whole agenda seems to be to 'bash' or 'sabotage' political parties or individuals.
When will people (from whatever political viewpoint they come from) realise that the urbanisation does NOT belong to, or is NOT the main responsibility of just one party or one person. The urbanisation belongs to the community, the community holds the key to it's success or downfall. This party hasn't been in five minutes, but there are plenty out there who want to see them fail. Why? It's our community you're hoping to fail. Strange mentality as far as I'm concerned.
All I'm trying to say is... wouldn't the forum (community) be better served if we...
a) Try to support people instead of trying to knock them down.
b) Try to be part of the solution, not aggravate the problem
c) If sharing information or opening up a discussion wouldn't it be better if it was constructive, informative and not negative.
d) If it's a personal issue/complaint that requires the councils input then please could people sort it out through the proper channels. Don't waste time airing it in public, in the hope of 'scoring points' or bashing people.
e) Getting facts right would be a bonus!
d) Take some ownership and responsibility for what is happening around us. Not all the communities problems are generated by the council. A lot of our own behaviours and actions contribute to these issues. I.e. inconsiderate people who allow dogs to foul the pavements, inconsiderate people who over fill bins or tip rubbish in inappropriate areas.
Okay I get it...Some people may not have the political party that they wanted to govern the urb. Get over it... they's time to move on.
It's now our choice... help to support and build the community to be a better place, or continue to be people who still want to try and 'point score', the.. 'always have to be right' people, the moaners, groaners and any other negative actions people can come up with to hinder the communities growth and success.
To be honest, I think I already know which way some people on this forum will take. As I said before... you can't argue with stupid.

Commented Sonrisa in La Marina 2015-07-22 11:50:22 UTC

You seem to be a prolific contributor to all things La Marina judging by your epic pieces on the laptop.In both English and the native tongue (admirable).I ponder then,why the criticism of others doing the same thing

Commented blarter222 in La Marina 2015-07-23 16:34:36 UTC

Keep it up Alan. It's important the council is kept on it's toes.

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2015-07-23 23:42:17 UTC