Fiscal Representation - Gandia


About a year ago my wife and I bought an apartment in Gandia. We're hoping to sell up and move from the UK to Spain full time. Theres a bit more urgency to do it before the curtain comes down now that the UK has voted to leave the EU (not that I'm still bitter and twisted about it!!!).

Anyway ... that aside, I would like to commission an English speaking Fiscal Rep / Lawyer ideally in Gandia through I appreciate that it might need to be Calpe / Valencia and wondered if in the collective wisdom of the forum, anyone has a FR in the general vicinity you can recommend? I am coming to Gandia next week (24th July 2016) and it would be great to sort it out then.

Many thanks


PS. I fully realise that there are differing opinions re. Brexit however as a passionate advocate of remaining in the EU I'm still traumatised by the result even though it come out as I predicted. Now I am trying my best to move on ... thanks for your understanding :-)


Good for you David. In total agreement with you.
Unfortunately it seemed that was in my age group that tipped the balance to leave. WHY!!
Ooo we might get a trade deal with Australia! Come on be serious. I was a city dealer for 25 years and know about the consequences of leaving one of the biggest free trade partners in the World. But oh no will not affect the UK, oh really. We have seen many messages from decent people like yourself who has now decided to up sticks and move to Spain, due to the recent referendum result. The only good thing is that the UK has a premier who has a strong pair of shoulders and she may be able to negotiate a trade deal with the EU but she is facing one hell of a challenge. Good luck Mrs May!

Okay I will get off my soap box now and we will try and find a good English speaking lawyer for you. Good luck with the move. Regards ASL team.

Commented Support in Alicante 2016-07-20 13:19:14 UTC