I have been reading a lot of the things that people have been writing on these websites over the last few months and it has made me think twice as to coming to Spain to live, as it does not seem to be that much better than life in the U.K just thought I would ask a direction question to all on this forum.
My question is "if you had your time again and knowing what you know now would you move to Spain?


I guess for us who have been here five years, and more, the adventure has taken some twists and turns, but the positive side is that when we arrived there were a lot of dead beats and so called professionals who had reinvented themselves and made a lot of money from the then innocent Brits. I only wish we had sites like this one up and running so that we were not ripped off by these vagabonds who have now milked the honey pot dry and moved on.

In answer to your question, If I could turn back the clock to that Sunday in February 2007 when I first arrived to start my new life here in Spain. I might do things differently, but I have no regrets moving here. I have seen many changes but the best part is that now the people who have stayed here and made it their home despite the hard times, are the true lovers of the spirit that is Spain.

Thank you for your posting, it will be interesting to see others point of view.

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I now work with a charity and am just about to post my next event - I came here to live in 2002 my husband following 4 years later - I still think it's great but then for me the sunshine is the most important factor! If you can don't burn your boats come over and stay as if you were living here and not just on holiday with holiday money.

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